The Vigil

This is the darkness of night,
I stand in vigil and vigilant.
It is my chosen task to be the one
Who through this time of shadows
Remains awake and dwells
For this season amongst
The corridors of memories and thoughts,
Watching over those whose lives
I celebrate and desire to be.
And in me rises the light that
Keeps at bay the creatures
That might otherwise haunt these hours.
It is the primal light of Life,
The drive to be, the
Innate power to exist.
And as I am the sentinel
Of the darkness,
The eyes of my sleeping kin,
I know I must remain alert
And keep alive awareness
That I am the urge to be.
I know too that dawn,
The light that changes all
So magically with its easy touch,
Will come despite the
Seeming endless watch I keep.
And in that new day
We can live another life.

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp

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