Watching Nature Groan

I stood looking at the urban life around me
And as my vision cleared,
I saw the influence of commerce,
And how nature groans under its impact.
As I watched I saw the signs of
Nature moving toward ridding itself of this parasite;
A parasite that is clutching its dirty hands
Right into the earth – Right into you.
It is going to suck at you in any way it can;
Suck to earn a living – to survive.
Suck at long suffering nature;
And nature is your own body.
As we abuse and misuse
This nature that we are,
So sickness develops.
Isn’t that why so many people
Develop cancerous growths
Where there once was life?
The breasts the ovaries,
The testicles, the prostate;
They have been abused for so long.
We need to recognise what we do as unhealthy.

Do you want a mechanised life?
Do you want to be part
Of a huge mechanised food machine?
Because the way we live,
We are not only treating nature and the animals
As if they are machines,
To be plugged in and run without care,
We are doing it to ourselves.
The processes and drives
That have taken millions of years to develop,
Are being abused by our attitude
Of seeing nature as something
Without awareness or response.
And as nature hits back
People are so surprised.
Those attitudes are impinging
On your own life,
On your own children,
On your own reproductive faculties.
Are you and your children
Simply resources to be eaten up
And used by huge commercial companies?
Do you want your ovaries and sperm
Measured, dictated, controlled
By pharmaceuticals?
There are so many people
Handing their genitals,
Their emotions and their body
Over to these companies to control.
The mind manipulating drugs,
The contents of the food
We now eat are dictated by commercial interests –
Such things as shelf life,
Quantity of sales,
And the unhealthy desires
In those who buy the goods,
Poisoned day after day by alcohol
And tobacco.

But the mother is the supreme guardian of her eggs.
They are her sacred trust,
Her treasure,
Her ancient and wonderful heritage.
Each woman must judge,
Through inner searching and questioning,
What her deepest being shows her
About how to relate to and care for that treasure.
She must penetrate the motives
Of those who attempt to take control
Of her reproductive faculties.
Are they benign,
Or are their activities
Directed by commercial interests in profit motives?
Are they perhaps, as in past ages, disguised predators?
What you want done with your eggs
And your children, is your choice.
It is through that choice you create the future.
You create your future and the future of the world.

Tread carefully with life.
Each of us in our decision-making
Are quantum probability generators.
How we handle our sexuality
And reproductive functions,
Creates and destroys futures.
The choice to have or not to have a child,
To bear or to abort,
Alter the very future.
On those moments of decision
Whole new futures are built or destroyed.
The moment of decision
Is an unbelievable point of flux.
Around that moment
Infinite possibilities surge.
They break through,
Moving toward becoming real,
Or are pushed back remaining mere potential.
If we could view this as a process,
We would witness
An astounding play of energies and possibilities.
And often, we, in our ignorance,
Play with these mighty forces
As if they were games to be amused by,
Or simple sensory pleasures
That can be used without any consequence
In our lives or in the lives of others.
But we stand amidst an infinite mystery.

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp

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