Where Am I

I asked the web of hugeness,
Of which I am a woven part,
To help me understand
What I face this day.
And in the silence
I heard the hugeness say,
Listen — what do you hear?
You hear the beating of your heart,
And in your ears
The flux of your own blood.

Now look —
What do you see?
You see your shadow
Ahead of you
On the track you walk.
And looking back
You see the path you came by
Winding to the past,
Full of memories and deeds.

I listened and heard.
I looked and saw,
Just as the hugeness told me.
But what of the future,
I asked.
And the answer was;
If you turn your gaze
In that direction
You see the uncreated.

And yes, there in front,
The swirling possibilities
Of all my dreams,
Emerging forms of
My longings and my hopes.
Before me were the patterns
Of my passions taking shape,
And my working days
Moulding the road ahead.

So in this moment now,
With prayerful craft,
I form the subtle threads
Of passions and of thoughts
Into the weave
Of what will come to be.

Copyright ©2006 Tony Crisp

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