People are so strange.
I keep feeling that.
It keeps coming back to me
That people are strange.
But I am not sure what I mean by it.
Only slowly is understanding
Emerging out of my shadows.
As it comes I begin to see
That I am living in a world
Where there are so many walls.
People reach out and their fingers
Bang against the walls.
They are trying to touch each other.
They really want to connect,
But the walls come down,
Locking up their words,
Turning back their fingers,
Dissolving love and the need for love.
It leaves a great emptiness
And despair in the world and in us.
For we really want each other.
We really need and long
To hold each other,
And to love and give ourselves
One to another.
But the walls are so ridiculously
Important to people.
That is why I feel people are so strange.
Strange because they maintain
The very walls that
Create their misery.
They maintain the divisions
That separate them from each other.
They rebuild the barriers
That kill love.
They uphold the rights and wrongs
That are the bricks
Out of which the walls are built.
The shouldn’ts and shoulds
Keeping people apart.
The creeds and beliefs
Turning one against another.
The differences that separate
Instead of inspire.
So ask yourself why you say –
I must not!
Question why you say –
I should not!
Then ask yourself again – Why?
Say to yourself –
I must not because?
And once more – ask why?

Copyright © 1999-2010 Tony Crisp | All rights reserved