Your Warmth

How warm the darkness, hiding all our faults, making us into voices, a warmth when near each other. Our fears are lost and found in the darkness, and I have done both, for you are with me.

Words escape for a while as the heated matter of the long lain feelings find words to compass. But the words ceased, and I fall forward on your breast to be healed, and to heal you. The deep lain engulfs us in silence. I am a child in your arms, and they are comfort. Hold me warm to you. Be what you are with me. Stroke my hair and my stubble with your fingers, and put your cheek to my forehead. Whisper nothing, nor think beyond the moment of what we are feeling.

So warm are you, so willing to my arms, each movement a response, each kiss a satisfaction. Tenderly be with me. Handle my affections as your own, and take away the wanting with your love. To you I am. To you I will be. To me you are – all in that moment of pillowing my head upon yourself. There is no more than this…

Art by Alexander Danel

Copyright ©2001 Tony Crisp

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