Cherub – Prebirth Meetings with your Baby

Quite a few people these days maintain they’ve been ‘touched by an angel.’ Others have an equally mysterious sense of being trailed by a cherub! Susan Clarke, for example, describes it this way: “During the months before my son was conceived, I could almost ‘see’ this little male cherub floating above my head, laughing.”

In a previous column, Steven and his wife described Steven’s initial vision of a beautiful toddler, a vision that was followed by a series of contacts with the same charming child. “He seemed to be continually tapping us on our shoulders, reminding us of his presence,” said Miriam. This kind of gentle persistence is apparent in many accounts of communication before conception. In many cases, the communicating presence is perceived as a baby or very young child, often manifesting a definite personality. It’s not surprising therefore that some people refer to their visitor as “a cherub.”

One woman speaks of the visits she received as a “courting relationship.” Trilby writes, “I most emphatically had an experience of contact with my little darling before he was conceived. In short, I just perceived a presence near me (with the awareness centered at my third eye) that always caused me to look slightly upward. As I paid more attention to the presence I began to apprehend it as a small flame, similar to what one sees off a lit candle. This ‘courting’ relationship went on for several months before I conceived. During those months I felt as if I were being tailed, and every now and then I’d be aware that somebody was trying to get my attention. It all felt very romantic.”

While some people have visual impressions, for others the communication comes in a different form. In Sarah Hinze’s book Coming From the Light, a mother writes, “My experience with the unborn is very simple. We had five children, plus one miscarriage, and were trying, at this point, not to have another baby. But in quiet moments, I would hear a small, almost audible voice say, ‘My name is James, and I’m ready to be born.'”

A Hovering Presence

Becky began to correspond with me while pregnant with her first child. She described in detail her experience of a pre-conception presence. “In November of last year I began to be aware of a little spirit presence hovering around me,” she wrote. “At first the awareness was dim, then it became so noticeable that I felt it whirring above my right shoulder.” Her story continues:

“A month or so after the dawning of this contact, I began to talk about it with people close to me. Several related that this was a common experience for women about to become pregnant. When I heard this, my inner eyes widened. For a while around this time, my little baby spirit seemed to have wandered away. I wondered if I should have kept its presence a secret. After the turn of the year, the spirit reappeared, this time hovering in front of my left hip.”

Now Becky gained a visual sense of a baby. “She looked to be about six months old, dark blue eyes and dark brown hair, clearly an animated little girl. I tried to have dialogues with her in my imagination from time to time. She seemed to be communicating to me that I should hurry, that she could not wait much longer, that I had to heal my wounds in order for her to have a safe home to dwell in.” As Becky continued to postpone conception, the presence gradually grew smaller until it was only a dot, “still hovering but no longer communicating.” A week after it disappeared, Becky discovered that she was pregnant.

Becky wrote when her daughter was a year old, “Since her birth, my sense of our pre-pregnancy communing is even more grounded, partly because of the perspective of hindsight and partly because she truly is the baby spirit who visited me, physically as well as personality-wise. I will never get over how magical it is, from the pre-beginning all the way through and beyond.”

Playing Peek-a-Boo

Like the “laughing cherub” mentioned above, the visitor in the following story seems to express a playful, joyous spirit. Cambria Henderson writes, “I was busy in the kitchen, cleaning up after lunch for my three year old son, two year old daughter and one year old baby. It had been a hectic morning, but they were all quietly napping at the moment. Or so I thought!

“I heard the giggle behind me and supposed that my son was playing ‘peek-a-boo’ with me. I felt the glee, as my little one peeked around the corner, saw me, and then quickly withdrew before I could turn around. If he weren’t so delighted with himself (and so cute!) I would have scolded him and sent him back to bed. But that happy little giggle had me completely charmed.

“I went busily about my work, cleaning the countertops, pretending not to hear. I suddenly caught a reflection of a sweet little face, in the mirror that was sitting on my counter. I turned quickly, hoping to surprise and delight him and then chase him back to his bed with hugs and tickles. However, I was the one to be surprised! As my little one turned to run down the hallway, I realized that he had taken all of his clothes off. All I could see was the bare backside of this precious child.

“I thought it strange, as I went after him, that when I turned the hall corner, I couldn’t see him. I didn’t think he could run quite that fast. I also noticed and thought it strange that my house suddenly became very quiet. I stopped in front of the door to the nursery, thinking I would play a trick on him. I decided I would sneak up on him. The burst of laughter from him, when I startled him, would tickle my heart forever.

“I plastered myself up against the wall and slowly started sneaking around the doorway, suppressing my own giggles. Suddenly, I stopped short. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All three of my children were quietly napping in their beds. All three of them fully dressed! I stood in the doorway in amazement. Who was my little visitor? Where did he go? And why did he choose to visit me and be so playful? I didn’t know. I didn’t have any answers.

“Many years later, as my youngest child was playing a game of ‘peek-a-boo’ with me, after getting out of the tub, she turned and ran down the hallway, giggling with delight. She was so pleased with herself, being such a tease with mom. A feeling of deja-vu swept over me, and it all came rushing back. I suddenly realized that she had been my child visitor. I had had the incredible opportunity of sharing a sweet, loving moment with my child, five years prior to her birth.”

A Grandmother’s Story

Most pre-conception contacts are experienced by parents-to-be, but this is not always the case. Grandparents, siblings, other family members and friends may also sense a communicating presence. Sheila Berry enjoyed many visits from her grandsons, from a realm that seems to be simultaneously after death and before birth.

In October, 1994, Sheila’s daughter-in-law gave birth prematurely to twin boys. “The smaller of the two boys had only half a heart and could not survive,” Sheila explains. “Moreover, the twins were in a single amniotic sac, a very rare occurrence. Because of the single sac, attempts to take the smaller twin resulted in the loss of both babies.” Sheila tried to deal with the loss by denying that the babies were real persons. But a year later, they became very real to her. During a group meditation at an A.R.E. conference (Association for Research and Enlightenment), Sheila suddenly felt her grandsons’ presence –a lively, bubbling presence. She relates:

“They stayed with me through the end of the conference, and I kept ‘hearing’ them say, ‘We have to get our mom a birthday gift.’ After the conference concluded, my husband and I stopped at the A.R.E. Visitor Center and went into the book store. I said nothing to my husband, but let the twins guide me in finding a gift for their mother. Angel wind chimes? No. A poster? No, not quite right. A tape or CD? No. Then my husband approached, holding out a book he had found: ‘Our Children Forever,’ messages to parents from their children, discerned by the psychic George Anderson. Yes! And they were clear about the inscription, too: ‘To our Mom, from your boys. Happy birthday. We love you.’

“Initially, I would feel the presence of both twins, but that gradually changed over the next year. It was as if the smaller twin stepped to the background; he had accomplished what he set out to do in that brief expression of spirit in flesh, and was content where he was. The larger twin, Taylor, began to ‘come around’ by himself. I would feel him around me from time to time in much the same way I had at the conference.

“When I learned in 1995 that my daughter-in-law was again pregnant, I understood why. But about three months into that pregnancy, when I once again felt Taylor’s presence, there was a strong sense of sadness around him. I knew something was wrong and called my daughter-in-law. She confirmed what she had just learned, that the fetus she carried was too deformed to survive. ‘Try again,’ I told her, prodded by the soul who wanted to be her child. ‘You’ll have a healthy baby the next time.’

“In March of 1997, I suddenly felt his presence again. This time it was bubbly and vital, playful and almost teasing. I called my daughter-in-law. ‘Are you pregnant,’ I asked, and she said she thought so, but no one knew yet, not even my son. But her son knew. He came around to visit me less and less as the pregnancy progressed and he fitted himself to his new life. On October 13, 1997, exactly three years after his first try, Taylor was born to the parents he was determined to have.”

Choice or Destiny?

These marvelous stories may lead us to conclude that the makeup of our families is a prearranged destiny. But is there evidence that choice also plays a part? In the next column, we’ll look at experiences that suggest the possibilities of creative freedom and flexibility.

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Special thanks to Sarah Hinze for the story by Cambria Henderson; to Sheila Berry for A Grandmother’s Story, and to Susan, Trilby, and Becky, contributors to Soul Trek: Meeting Our Children on the Way to Birth.

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