Communicating with Your Unborn Child

Teresa Robertson, RN, CNM, MSN

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Column Editor’s Note: It is my pleasure to introduce another pioneer in the field of pre-birth communication, Teresa Robertson, RN, CNM, MSN of Boulder, CO. Teresa has participated in about 1600 births and counsels with couples about conception and pregnancy. She teaches communication between parent and child, from before conception right through pregnancy to birth and babyhood. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, has said, “I consider Teresa’s work the obstetrics of the future, which involve connecting with your baby before it is born and working in partnership with the baby’s consciousness.” Teresa’s contact information is: In Health Teresa Robertson RN,CNM, MS Intuitive Counselor 3011 N. Broadway, Suite 23 Boulder, CO, 80304, USA. Websites: Email:

Miracles occur when a woman and/or her family connects with their unborn child. From preconception through pregnancy and labor and birth, Eli and his parents created many miracles.

I first met Eli when his mom Suzanne came to work with me after experiencing two devastating first trimester miscarriages over a six month time period. These miscarriages made no sense to her because she could strongly feel the presence of a baby (Eli) wanting to be born, yet she kept miscarrying. During this first session, Suzanne was led through a visualization scan of her ovaries, tubes and uterus. In the midst of this exercise she discovered an unresolved issue occupying one of her ovaries. With Eli’s assistance, she released this issue and began to heal and to reclaim her ovary and her reproductive creative power.

Once again Suzanne easily conceived. When she was twenty weeks pregnant, she and her husband Steve felt that an ultrasound would help them to trust that everything was really going well with this pregnancy. When they both checked in and communicated this with Eli, he wasn’t happy about the idea. “Can’t you trust that I am perfect and okay?” he asked. Finally Suzanne and Steve negotiated a compromise with Eli. Their agreement included an exercise to ground and to place protection around Eli before the ultrasound would begin. “We got to the ultrasound appointment early so that we could do our grounding exercise. Before we could do this, however, we were ushered into the ultrasound room and the technician started the scan. Eli was so active that after fifteen minutes of this, the tech said we might need to come back. At that point Steve remembered that we hadn’t done the exercise we had promised Eli. He whispered this insight into my ear and reminded me to ground my body. The moment I grounded my body, Eli quieted down and the tech was then able to take his pictures for the radiologist.”

Although Eli’s story is dramatic, it is not unusual. Suzanne and Steve possess the same gifts and abilities as any other parent. What is special about their story, however, is that they had access to someone who could provide support, guidance and tools to facilitate their ability to communicate with their unborn son.

Communicating with our unborn children is everyone’s birthright and easily within our capability. Just as we are born with the organs which enable us to touch, feel, talk, listen, see and hear, we are also born with the ability to perceive, intuit, and to see what is unseen.

We are all born with a pineal gland, the physical structure which corresponds to intuition and clairvoyance- clear seeing and knowing. This gland, which is located behind our third eye area, serves as a bridge between our outside world and our inner knowing. It easily becomes stimulated by light or meditation, and releases important hormones which are responsible for brain and body growth and development, and very importantly, the hormones which govern fertility, pregnancy and birth (Speroff, L; Glass, R and Kase, N.

(1989) Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Fertility Baltimore: Williams and Wilkens).

Over the past four years I have assisted and witnessed numerous women and their families connecting with their unborn children for the following reasons: to promote fertility and conception, to forge a connection in preparation for an adoption, to resolve a pregnancy loss including miscarriage, abortion, or the death of a baby, to increase bonding and connection during pregnancy, labor and birth, and to learn how to cooperatively communicate with their baby before he/she can physically speak. My goal and role in these sessions is to promote communication that is cooperative, empowering, loving, playful, and healing.

Included below is a simple exercise to assist you with connecting to the spirit of your unborn child. As you proceed with this exercise be aware that each of us receives intuitive information differently. Be open to what you are feeling, knowing, hearing, and seeing as you play with this exercise. Also remember, the more you employ this exercise the richer your experience will become.

Establishing the Connection

1. Take a deep breath as you ground your body. To ground, make an imaginary connection between the base of your spine as wide as your hips to the center of the earth. You may wish to put an X on your spine and an X at the center of the earth and connect them with an imaginary tree trunk, a waterfall, an anchor, or with any other imagery which you create.

2. Imagine an empty bubble outside of your body. It might be in front of your face, or in front of your heart. Ground this bubble (connect it to the center of the earth with its own grounding cord).

3. Now invite the spirit of your unborn child to fill this bubble. To facilitate this connection some parents will connect a tube or telescope from themselves to this bubble. For example a tube which leads from the baby’s grounded bubble to their own heart.

4. Be aware of what you notice, see, feel, hear or know about this bubble.

Beginning a Conversation

Now that you have grounded your body and set up your method of communication with your baby, you can begin your first conversation with your baby.

1. From the top of your crown chakra ( on the top of your head) create a gold ring which encapsulates a “hello-I see you.” Send that gold ring “hello” over to your unborn baby’s bubble. Notice what your baby’s reaction is to this hello. What happens to its bubble? Do the colors and/or images around your baby change? Does your body feel different?

2. Now ask your baby if he/she has anything to tell you. Again be aware of your body.

3. To close your conversation send a good-bye (in the same way you sent the hello) over to the baby’s bubble.

Journaling or art supplies can serve as concrete tools to integrate this experience for yourself. Remember, when you set the focus of your communicating with your unborn child in play and joy, you will receive much more information.


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