Miscarriage and Vitamins

While living and working in Combe Martin, Devon, a young woman stopped me in the street saying that she had just been to the doctor because she had just started bleeding and the doctor told he she was miscarrying her baby and there was nothing could be done to stop it. In fact he told her to go to town and buy herself a new outfit of clothes to take her mind off it.

I believe she had talked to the man in the post office who had lost a lot of weight using my advice about his amazing weight lose using vitamins. So she asked me if her baby might be saved. I had never dealt with a miscarriage before but I knew that most people eat white bread and white rice and eat a lot of shite sugar so they lack enormous amounts of vitamin E and the B vitamins. So I suggested she took a strong vitamin E tablet, a good Vitamin and mineral capsule each day and at least 500 mlg of vitamin C daily. Because I knew that vitamin E is important in child bearing and preventing downs syndrome I suggested she took a strong dose. Also vitamin C strengthens the capillaries that if a person if not getting enough C vitamins the capillaries are weakened causing bleeding and bruising.

She came back a couple of weeks later and told me she had taken the vitamins and that the miscarriage had stopped. Looking at her I could see her hair was now a shinning crown upon her head, she looked radiant and later gave birth to a healthy boy.

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