Devils Are Only Sick Angels

A young university student was puzzling about what unique subject he could research to get his PhD. He looked through the subjects already done by others, and saw that nothing was recently research about magic, in particular, invoking the Devil.

Being a diligent student, and with facilities of university libraries in the 2040th century, he went to work, finding such a lot of ancient information. Clearing a room where he lived he drew the magic circle and symbols on the floor, slowly gathered the instruments, incense and candles needed and started learning how to pronounce the incantations.

Eventually he was ready, and in the candlelight he began the ritual, taking care to stand outside the circle. As he did so he realised that his mood was changing to one of low spirits, also he began to see a figure appear in the circle. The figure was red in face, with bloodshot eye and distorted features. His perception was that it was certainly scary, with scales in stead of smooth skin, and on seeing him the devil’s features distorted more and in a thunderous voice began to curse and swear at him.

The student was a little shaken, but having some training in meeting the strange, he thought, “My God, this person is in a bad way!” And he immediately switched on the computerised automatic healing apparatus that was a part of most houses, and it worked to subtly change the brain and physical processes in the devil.

The red faced creature screamed as the apparatus began working on it. Then gradually the noise ceased, the red skin began to resemble healthy skin – and then to the students amazement, beautiful wings started unfold, and the being radiated love and smiled and thanked the young student and slowly ascended and disappeared.

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