The Light In My House

In my heart there has always been a place I have kept ready for the Lord to live in. Then unexpectedly, just yesterday, he came saying he would now like to live in the room I have kept waiting. That the one I love so much has come to live in my house has dazed me. With tears in my eyes I have run to all my friends telling them of my happiness and wishing to share it with them. I wanted them all to come, to see for themselves how wonderful it is to be near the Lord.

But soon I began to wonder about whether my house was good enough, and I am not the best person in our village. My love swept all those feelings aside though. I was too happy to feel concern, and every ordinary thing, every table and chair, every spoon was now transformed. I didn’t even feel they were mine any more. I wanted him to have everything. It was all I had to give, and there was nothing I wanted now I was near him.

Today my friends arrived at the door to visit. I wondered, how do you introduce someone to God? I was still wondering what to do when they walked in, and he knew them all as if they were old friends. He knew their names and all about their family, their children and I couldn’t believe my friends had not met him before. They all talked and laughed so warmly it opened my eyes to something about Him I had never known before. It is that God is the light in our life that leads us to make friends; to be interested in each others lives in a caring way; to reach out in friendship after an argument; to know what it is like to be married and have children, and care for others. When we allow those parts of our life to grow in us we let God grow. It is all so everyday and matter of fact we overlook how wonderful it is. I have friends who look up at the stars to find meaning in life. But God is right here with me living in my house and saying hello to my friends by their first names.

I am still a bit dazed, because as I said, the Lord only made his home with me yesterday. And this evening, when I stood in the market-place, I wondered what was happening to me. Was it all real, or was I dreaming? Just then a baby girl, just walking, let go of her father’s hand and stood looking at me full in the face. As she looked I felt as if she could see the Lord shining inside of me. Then with arms wide she ran to me and held up her face to be kissed. The child seemed to know that Love had come to live in my heart – and I let Love bless her through the kiss. I knew also I had not been dreaming.


-Della Richmond 2011-12-01 6:41:29

Tony, in this instance, the Lord asking to go to that room you have waiting for him means you should actually go have your heart checked out., dear. That crease in your one earlobe bears this out! No need to panic but don’t wait. How does the heart line look on both your palms? The should be clear, smooth and deep, no chaining nor marks. I am a retired psychic (as if) and an old classmate of Michelle Avanti’s.

    -Tony Crisp 2011-12-01 10:07:18

    Hi Della – Thanks for writing and advising me to have my heart checked. Unfortunately it came too late as I had a stroke and now have all manner of checks all the time. Even so my heart is still pumping away pretty well, and despite being ready to go, it looks as if I will last a bit longer. Ah well, when the call comes I am ready and my bags are packed — so to speak.


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