The Vision of Tomorrow

Surviving Tomorrow

On January third of 2003 I had a dream suggesting that times of great change were on their way. Two years later I experienced another such insight into what was shown as a possible future we are moving toward.

Having been professionally involved in teaching, writing about and using dreams to help people gain significant change in their life, I took the dreams seriously. I had learned that the unconscious levels of our mind that dreams portray have an amazing ability to look at the uncountable bits of information and life experience we gather, and arrive at a global view. The global view my dreams presented suggested the direction we are taking and confronting.

The dream was – I had the sense that I was in Amersham, but the physical features of the place were different. I believe I was walking along a road at night, possibly with someone else. I glanced up at the sky and was amazed how clearly the stars were visible. And as I looked I saw something that I had never seen before. Across the sky, from the horizon on my left to the horizon on my right, massive concentrations of stars formed stylised running figures. It looked at them as great figures resembling human shape, that were running across the sky – I mean by this their shape suggested a beautiful flowing movement of running.

I thought perhaps this was the Milky Way, as I had never seen it before. But there were distinct edges to the massive concentrations of stars forming the figures. I felt very enthusiastic and uplifted by this sight and wanted other people to look at it. Then I seemed to be at home, perhaps where I used to live in Whielden Street, and my father was there. I told him about the figures and wanted him to look, but he seemed quite uninterested. I also felt somehow that he was locked into an intellectual cynicism that could see no wonder in the stars. To him they were simply random shapes in the sky. To me they expressed something that, perhaps, I would find it difficult to put into words, but nevertheless was very moving at a deep level of my being.

It took me six months to break through into the unconscious to receive the message of the first dream. It was that we, despite having arisen from the processes of life on our planet, have not honoured or acted as custodians of life and its creatures. Instead we have built personal ways of life, social structures and organisations that are based on greed or plundering of nature. This has cut us off from what gives life and sustains us. This is like a tree purposely cutting off its own roots.

The Breakdown Might not be your Car

But the important message wasn’t an accusation. It was a forecast of what was coming, it said the time of the Lion and the Bull is arriving. Taken out of its imagery, this means a season of change is coming, just as winter follows summer. Two such seasons are coming at the same time. As a predator the Lion depicts the pulling down of all in our personal, social and business life that is weak or diseased.

The insight I gained here was that much within our personal or business life is so cut off from what is life giving, the real principles of Life, that there is an innate weakness or poison that will lead to personal or business breakdown.

Two such seasons are coming at the same time. The Lion depicts the pulling down of all in our personal, social and business life that is weak or diseased. The insight I gained here was that much within our personal or business life is so cut off from what is life giving, the real principles of Life, that there is an innate weakness or poison that will lead to personal or business breakdown.

The Bull means that everything will be shaken, as with an earthquake, and whatever has innate weakness will fall. Remember this is a season, not retribution. And just as many elderly and sick die in winter because of their condition, what is sick or weak in the world will be shaken and tried in a similar way.

Watching the economic disaster in October of 2008, it seems to be a very relevant warning. The experience of the dreams was deeply impressive; they suggested not simply a high tide, but a Tsunami of change, and the economic collapse of 2008 was just the beginning.

The second experience depicted enormous tensions or energies building up within the feelings and desires of millions of people worldwide. With a widening gap between the few enormously wealthy and the billions living in poverty, the tension grows ever more extreme. This tension is heightened by a system that dangles ways of life before people that only the rich can afford.

The imagery suggested there will be a breakthrough when that tension finds a focus. The release will produce enormous political and social changes, possibly helped by a technological breakthrough. We only need to look back to the French and Russian revolutions to see the enormous power of the people when they are being used as cheap labour by the wealthy elite. But I believe what we are facing is the passing away of an age, a sordid period in human history, a time when the spirit of ancient links with Life have been poisoned and the possibility of further growth in the direction we have taken destroyed.

I am tempted to believe there is truth in these visions my unconscious showed me. However, I am a practical person, so I look around to see what is actually going on and what others have to say.

I see that the internal weaknesses of the banking system during the turmoil of 2008, said by financial experts to have been produced by greed, left it wide open to be pulled down or shaken to bits. However, there are enormous weaknesses in other than our banking. The considerable amount of psychological sickness such as depression and suicide; the huge numbers of people out of work, unable to afford a home to live in, cannot afford medical care, or who cannot find meaning or purpose in life, suggest other massive areas of social and personal weakness.

What I also see is that the world I knew as a child in 1937 has completely gone. A world war and technology unimaginable at that time brought social innovations to wipe it away. Change is part of existence. The future, even if we discount what we cannot see signs of at the moment, appears to be moving toward enormous personal and social changes.

See the video of a Native American elder and his vision of our future.

The second vision I describe thus:

Did you feel that?!
Seemed like the ground moved.
Not like a shake or quake,
More like a swell,
A rolling shifting in slow motion.
Then it was gone.

So I ran to a hill
Beyond my house,
Where I could see things
On a grander scale.
And there it was,
So slow you would miss it
If you stared straight at it.

Waves were rolling across the landscape.
Dear God — it was powerful to watch,
To see it building up,
To glimpse the changes it was moving toward.
And as I looked,
I saw the tension of that groundswell
Mounting in the West.
I felt the earth move again,
And saw at last the people in their millions
Powering the waves.

Frustration, tension, energy,
Forming like an earthquake
Looking for the trigger,
The direction, the release for that terrible,
Wonderful energy to flow.
People, the sea, the earth,
All one thing.
No separation.
Bodies, mind, energy,
The earth and sea moving as one.

Then, on the horizon I could see it coming.
I saw that awe-full power,
Shifting and transforming
The shape of things.
Pushing over the old forms.
Like some new strength of a growing thing,
Splitting open rocks,
And pushing obstacles aside.
Truly a wonder.
Somehow no more destructive than Spring,
Breaking open the old seed cases,
And transforming into the new.

And here it comes –
People finding a focus for their longing for change.
Finding a trigger of release
To shatter the old imprisonment
Of manipulation by a system
Needing ever greater production and destruction –
Ever greater conflict with opposing views.

Here it comes –
That transcending moment
Of a catalyst — a union
Of millions seeking release —
A focus for that new life —
Technological breakthrough —
A ground swell
Changing the face of things.



-vincent sparkes 2012-02-21 17:11:54

hallo tony,
read your articles and find them interesting.
Re-2012 there is so much speculation,no one really knows/except that I have been puzzled by Jung who,a few days before dying,said”this the last 50 years of humanity,he saw large stretches of the earth devastated,but thank God not all the planet”
Also if I am not mistaken,Padre Pio not long before he passed away mentioned about earth catching fire.
As I am an admirer of both,it left me thinking!
Anyway my website is not up yet.
I am half italian and half english and now living in bulgaria.
All the best and let me know what you think

    -Tony Crisp 2012-02-22 10:13:55

    Hi Vincent – I like to think that the fact that I saw the prophecy in 2003 and it said that the world people and earth will be shaken, but it is only a season that will pass – and that I can see it all happening now gives me a sense of truth.

    Padre Pio and Jung, who are both in a sense my teachers – especially Jung – were talking about symbols, and dreams can really exaggerate. So although we are in for a shaking, what was really explained to me – see as this gives an unexpurgated version – was that if we live a life connected with and honouring the principle of Life then we will come through what faces us. See to understand how this principled works, and it is all explained in Jung’s writings

    I too am half Italian though send generation born in England, and also a quarter Irish and quarter old English. So quite a mixture.

    Let me know when your site is live.


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