Magic Movements

This is more of a meditation than an exercise but is important in mobilising inner feelings that lie behind movements. So, here is a way to begin. Wear loose clothes that are easy to move in, not tight ones in order to show of your figure.

1 – Stand in a comfortable balanced position with the hands in front of the chest, palms together and eyes closed.

2 – Imagine that as you breathe-in, the air is fanning a small glowing coal inside the chest. The incoming air makes the coal glow gently, and you breathe slowly and with awareness. This coal is just a symbol of the subtle pleasure sensations generated by slow purposeful inhalation.

3 – Let the hands indicate the amount of this glow or pleasure. Let them do this by moving apart, so if the pleasure is intense the hands reach wide. As you exhale and the glow fades, let the hands come together. But if there is little felt, then the hands remain unopened.

When you begin this meditation, do not be in a hurry to open the hands to let the feeling of pleasure radiate out. In fact, let the hands be as spontaneous in expressing what you feel as you can. It may be that your hands thereby move a great deal, or very little. If there is an urge to move the hands in other ways than suggested allowing that to happen.

4 – If you find your hands and arms respond then let a feeling or warmth or love flow out to everyone, and as they pull back feel as if you are drawing in what others give you in this subtle way.

5 – If you have managed that and felt it working in you, then and only then let your energy move upwards, and eventually downwards so you get the sideways movement flowing into the up and down energy flow. Let your being show you how.

But if you have not got anything from it persist until you do. Do it day after day until you can feel a response, and then work with it.

When I first did the meditation, I taught it in classes, and soon found that people got a lot of movement and pleasure from it. So, I began to explore it further by myself and found it went into a sort of dance. But it is about the Inner Fire, not about outer yoga postures or movement you make up, but a warmth and fire that moves you from within. I know many people feel that everything is about outer life, but this is a way to awaken your Inner Life.

What I found as the inner warmth or fire developed it started to not only reach out to others with the energy that was released – I imagined my warmth reaching out to others, and then I opened to receive energy and love from others. As this developed, I noticed that the flow started to want to rise up and I allowed my hands and arms allow it.

Of course, when the movements of opening, giving and receiving got into action, and the rising up, the next thing was it wanted to complete the cross. So, it became the warmth in me awakening and reaching out to others. Then the rising upwards to go beyond me, and then the descent of what was received from above. The arms were now dancing upwards, downwards and sideways in a wonderful flowing movement. I felt I was lifting energy up from my roots to the heavens like a plant drawing up nourishment from the earth and opening to the sun, and then from the heavens down to bless the earth – and of course spreading the wonder of it out and receiving back. And as this was happening my inner feelings spontaneously soared and lifted, received and gave with it, and were stimulated by it. I called it The Dance of Agni; or The Fire Dance.

Let it DANCE you.


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