What We Are Often Not Seeing

At the time I was working in a hotel kitchen. It was midday and the restaurant attached to the hotel was about to open. All of the preparations had been made so there was a lull as we were waiting for the doors to open and customers to enter. I was standing behind a countertop cleaning it, and about five or six metres away the elderly owner of the hotel was standing talking to a waitress. I think they were both in their 60s or the waitress might have been in her late fifties.

They were casually talking about the amount of custom there was for this time of year, and about the restaurant. At one point in my cleaning I glanced up to look at them. At that moment a radical shift took place in how I saw them. It seemed to me as if a new sensory organ had opened, one I had never experienced before. With this new sense each tiny movement the waitress and boss made exploded with information. Subtle changes in facial expression I had never perceived before were now visible and meaningful. It even seemed as if I could sense and see an enormous energy connection between the two at the solar plexus. And what I understood through this new sense was that the waitress and boss at some time had engaged in sex. I was in my 30’s at the time, and silly as it may seem, the idea that these two 60 year olds could have sex with each other had never entered my mind.

Along with this realisation came the vision of a great trunk of energy passing between them. Although on the surface their actions and speech were inconsequential, at the deeper level of energy exchange, very powerful communication was occurring. I understood from this that when two people have sex with each other they forge this link. Through it they send messages to each other perhaps without realising it. The link may last a lifetime.

I was so surprised and intrigued by what had happened I later asked the waitress if she’d had a sexual relationship with the boss. With only slight embarrassment she said it was true, they did have a sexual relationship.

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