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You could be a Wolf, or a Human, or a Star

There are many records of children brought up as babies by animals or completely left uncared for by parents. In the USA a girl baby had been kept in a chicken house, never spoken to […]...More

Becoming a Woman

When you enter this cycle of growth and change that you pass through as you reach thirteen and slowly become twenty, you experience the massive change of leaving your childhood and facing becoming a woman. […]...More

We are at War

The War Between The Rich And Poor The War Between Influencers and Influenced The Great War Between our Ego/Personality go Beyond the Limited view of the Three Dimensional World most of us are Trapped in […]...More

Occultism and Dreams

We can take alchemy as an example of occultism, a hidden, or even sometimes seen as superstitious, beliefs. Yet alchemy is now seen as the early foundations of modern science. So, we might say the […]...More

Advanced Options of Extending Your Intuition 

As with many skills the basics of Inquiry are easily learnt, but the adept phases take more discipline to acquire. Your own body, your emotions and mind are the instruments being used. Therefore the ability […]...More


Our being here now – Our BEING here now – Our Being Here NOW – is all the love, the sacrifice, the ability to survive, the sheer gut wrenching work that has gone into us […]...More

What on Earth is Going on in the World?

That is a huge question many are asking themselves now as they face the often chaotic world events. Or perhaps many people are saying, “Who can we look to and trust for answers? I believe […]...More

Public Toilet No. 1

I felt at this point that people need a toilet. I suppose this has partly risen from the broadcast I did last night in which the last woman to tell her dream was someone who […]...More

Dave and Tony

Thanks for getting in touch – and I hope your visits to friends were good. Well, I didn’t expect you to be able to remember me, certainly not from my name.  We met rather briefly […]...More

Catherine and Tony

  9/01/2007 Hi Tony, my name is Catherine. I have your Dream Dictionary, which I have been using every morning after journaling my dreams. I write down everything that I can remember. I’ve always had incredibly detailed “dreams”, night time […]...More

Some More of My History

By way of introduction, I feel it is important to say that as humans, in fact as any life form, we are creatures of great polarities. We exist strung between enormous duality – sleep and […]...More

Suspended Between Death and Life

I discovered that the wonder found in the following description is everywhere and in everything. But if you are locked in seeing everything in pigeon holes of definition and words you may not be able […]...More

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