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Dave and Tony

Thanks for getting in touch – and I hope your visits to friends were good. Well, I didn’t expect you to be able to remember me, certainly not from my name.  We met rather briefly […]...More

Catherine and Tony

  9/01/2007 Hi Tony, my name is Catherine. I have your Dream Dictionary, which I have been using every morning after journaling my dreams. I write down everything that I can remember. I’ve always had incredibly detailed “dreams”, night time […]...More

Some More of My History

By way of introduction, I feel it is important to say that as humans, in fact as any life form, we are creatures of great polarities. We exist strung between enormous duality – sleep and […]...More

Suspended Between Death and Life

I discovered that the wonder found in the following description is everywhere and in everything. But if you are locked in seeing everything in pigeon holes of definition and words you may not be able […]...More

Sacred Marriage

“Here we come to that aspect of initiation which acquaints man with woman and woman with man in such a way as to correct some sort of original male-female opposition. Man’s knowledge (Logos) then encounters […]...More

A Hilltop Experience

“A man, full of his own misery, walked alone along a deserted roadway. What was the point of living if year after year were to be filled with this pain and meaninglessness? Better end it […]...More

What Is A Dream?

There is so much to learn about dreams and how to approach, explore and benefit from them. To understanding your dream, you need to realise that the images in our dreams are just emotions, thoughts, fears, […]...More


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Old Fools Thoughts About Love

Love and attraction for a partner are full of strange feelings. These feeling are made weird largely by the ideas and feelings we have inherited from our culture – love for ever lasting; the Right […]...More

The Way Within

Musings of an Old Guy At this point I felt as if that great inner mind had opened to me and that I could ask a question of it. I asked to be given words […]...More

The Guru Figure

“In my dream I had the definite sense it was a yoga or Eastern seminar inside the room, and I was watching a man. Pausing he stood in front of the open door and with […]...More

Your Amazing Circle

If we place you at the centre of a circle and put all your dream characters, animals and objects around the edge of the circle, and if we add to this all the many things […]...More

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