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Buddhist teachings of Life After Death

A Synthesis of the Buddhist teachings of Life After Death – The Bardo Edited by Johan Engelbrecht Second Bardo: The Period of Hallucinations (Chonyid Bardo) Introduction If the Primary Clear Light is not recognized, there […]...More

Leaving Darkness

Something else happened that I want to record, and I’m not sure quite how it occurred. It was a very vivid fantasy in which I believe I was again talking with a being such as […]...More

Darkness to Light

As I did so the colours got lighter and lighter. It felt as if something was going faster and faster. Yes, kaleidoscopic patterns were moving and changing faster, speeding up and getting lighter. First of […]...More

Follow Your Dream

How many times have you heard that advice given? Recently on television I watched a famous dance instructor, with glowing confidence, and the smile of someone who had made it in life, saying to all […]...More

Dream Counsellor

Introduction Dream Counselor is a massive and easily accessible resource for understanding your dreams and yourself. It is far more useful than a dream dictionary because it can draw out of you what your dream […]...More

Using Your Voice

Instead of movement to help you relax and release tension you can use your voice. Take about fifteen to thirty minutes for this. Use quiet background music as an aid to giving yourself permission to […]...More

Exploring a Dream

By Brenda Blake I dreamt I was somewhere and was with four Canadian Indian Elders, holding up a baby. They were going to do a heart cleansing ritual. D. my boyfriend and his daughter walked […]...More


Dreams and imagination are a multifaceted way of sensing things. If you consider an early human being, prior to the emergence of complex speech and the ability to think in the abstract symbols we call […]...More

Going Beyond

While I was watching an episode of Star Trek – Enterprise, I had a powerful emotional reaction to it, one of wonder, curiosity and excitement. I cried out, “What the fuck does it all mean?” […]...More

Questions You Asked

Also there are questions asked by a Young Student – by my friend Chris Campbell, also Tony Interviewed by Maxine – and Tony’s questions answered in his book ‘Dreams and Dreaming‘ Questions Answered. But an Interview from a different standpoint by my friend ...More

Self Images

The image we have of our self in our dreams, shows the struggle we have with who we think we are. It is the way we try to gain identity. In this struggle, this adventure […]...More

Self Hypnosis

We are always hypnotising ourselves via the things we believe are true, and what we unconsciously tell ourselves. So, we are all victims or captives of what we believe in. We must all at times […]...More

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