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Children’s Traumatic Fears

Many people, even parents, have no idea how deeply children feel things. In nature parent animals constantly are with, care and guard their children. I witnessed the birth of my cat – Kitty – five […]...More


Being Polly During this period (April 1976) a new technique of group or partner work was evolved. I have called it Contact. It has arisen out of much that we have done in the past. […]...More

What Are Dreams

Dreams are one of nature’s miracles, not the result of a wandering mind in sleep. A dream is an interface between the process of life, our core self and our conscious personality. Life existed quite […]...More

Seven 7 Levels of Us

At the base level it is movement. As our being develops from conception a first sign of life might be movement within the womb and the heartbeat. Basically Life is recognised by its ability to […]...More

What Happens When We Die?

This is not the worn out description of going up a tunnel of light but an attempt to show what is actually happening - it is very new....More

Bad Dream or Nightmare – Change It

Experiment with changing your dream by using your imagination/visualisation: (The above picture is from the film NextGen) You can always try to build a different ending to a dream that was not satisfying or not understandable […]...More

The Christmas Story

This story, like many others, has a long history, and I wish to show how much longer it existed before it was enshrines in Christian belief. It is a story that preserves the holy nature […]...More

Archetype of the Virgin Birth

This archetype, like many others, has a long history, and I wish to show how much longer it existed before it was enshrines in Christian belief. The belief was probably started in pre-history, and below […]...More

Books Have Souls Too

HARMON  Bro,  a well known author and sociologist once handed Edgar Cayce a new book, still in its postal wrapping, and Cayce held it with closed eyes. After a few moments he was able to tell […]...More

Finding My Little Girl

“I feel as if I am falling down a hole into depression.” Tony is my ‘go to’ person so I told him my feelings. “What’s happening?” he asked. I reminded him of what had been […]...More

Language of The Living Body

Wholeness of the mind through the body A great deal has been written about using the postures to aid such conditions as arthritis, hypertension, etc. But I want to show that we can use the […]...More

Super Heroes and Mythical Creatures

Super Heroes Pegasus The Sphinx Unicorn Dragons Pan the God Pandora’s Box Immense and Unseen Beings Aliens Medusa Vampires Werewolf Lycanthrope Zombies The Gods Evil Spirits Devils & Demons Super Heroes No person that I know […]...More

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