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The Healing Experience

In searching for relief from misery I tried many different things, relaxation, yoga, meditation , fasting, and diet among them. They promised to be helpful but something was missing that I only began to uncover […]...More

I Had Been In That Direction A Thousand Times

And It Always Led to Self Destruction Our ideas, thoughts and beliefs are the main builders of what we know as our self, and it creates a world we then live in. We build an […]...More

Nothing Can Hurt or Kill You While Dreaming

Whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is like an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if […]...More

Actresses and Actors


Evil Spirits Devils & Demons

The world ancient people’s lived in was one filled with spirits and demons, gods and goddesses, good and evil forces. The many intangibles they were surrounded by, the immense uncertainties they faced, were quite usefully […]...More

Working With Dreams

Secrets of Power Dreaming Dreams – Practical Techniques to explore them Dreams – The best method to Gain Understanding is using Peer Dreamwork Dream – Exploring it Dream – The Dream as a code Dream […]...More

Dreams about Dead People

People We Know who have Died Most dreams in which dead people appear are expressive of our attempts to deal with our feelings, guilt or anger in connection with the person who died; or our […]...More

Steps Toward YourSelf

Step One – Yawning Technique The steps that are going to be described are based on two basic principles or assumptions. The first is that the way our body functions when we do not interfere […]...More

The Gods

The Gods In the paradigm of the present western society there are no such things as gods – maybe for many not even God. See Archetype of the Paradigm But from the point of view of […]...More

Q’s Big Question

The question you asked was what is the personality or ego? In a book I have in my collection but is packed away somewhere, the author states the case of a girl child in America […]...More

Living Forever

About three years ago I came across a feature that said, “If you can live for twenty more years you can live forever. That is because of the rapid progress medical science is making, and […]...More

Have I Lost My Mind?

We might ask the question here as to whether in such cases, as with stroke victims, consciousness has been lost, or is it that the special organs of awareness, perception and motor activity – the […]...More

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