The Gods

The Gods

In the paradigm of the present western society there are no such things as gods – maybe for many not even God. See Archetype of the Paradigm

But from the point of view of dreams and from the cultural traditions of many other countries, gods exist. Even Christianity clearly mentions gods, even though it is denied. In Genesis it says “God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the sky, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. God created man in his own image. In God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.” As it says, “let us make man.”

The word Elohim is used in the original script of this piece and it means, to quote from The Unknown God by F. J. Mayers, “Elohim” is a plural name, and yet in our bibles it is always treated as a “singular” one, and always used with a singular verb. In this verse, Elohim, in using the phrase “in our image,” etc., treats Himself as a plurality.” So the unknown God – ain soph – in expressing Himself, becomes many. So there are many expressions of the natural creative forces of our universe. In one statement it calls this ‘The One in the many’. After all, God is beyond description and so can be a paradox. In many dreams gods are also shown, and are seen as the consciousness resident throughout the cosmos, as it knows itself in various forms. And although we are used to seeing gods portrayed in human form of a mixture of animal and human forms, these are simply human ways of describing their attributes. They are often felt as beings of different dimensions, or sometimes are the consciousness behind the natural creative forces of our own lives and solar system.

But many people who have explored their own depths, find God is not outside them, but is the very basic core of their being. We are in fact all holy – as it says in Genesis “God created man in his own image. In God’s image he created him; male and female he created them.”

Example: I experienced what I saw as interface between all that we are as our everyday waking personality; between all that we have gathered and understood and lived in this lifetime, and the immensity of what we are as a spiritual being. I saw the details of this and it is quite difficult to summarise or to explain in any way. But as clearly as I can it was like the processing of information so that all that you are formed of is a sort of pattern, a synthsise or a signal, and that signal called out of the immensity of the spiritual life what was relevant to you and your further development. Now that is a very clumsy description because even as I say it I sense an enormous subtlety of what I met and experienced. What I saw was that the interface is unique in every being. This is because every being is unique and creates their own pattern. And that pattern calls out of the infinite something different. So in this sense there are as many faces of God as there are human beings.

As I saw all this I realised that if one could help people to come to that point, to bring themselves to that meeting, then they would begin to receive that influence that frees them. It frees them by growing them into more than they were, by giving them more of themselves.  See Life’s Little Secrets

Example: I realise that I have been a watcher of the river of dreams. I have stood on the bridge over the river of dreams and seeing visions in the flow. I have seen the essence of human life in the river. Seen its pain and its wonder, its struggle and its triumph, its destiny. I have swum in that river and dived into the ocean of life. There in the ocean I met the great beings.  The influence of these great beings passes through various configurations. It is out of this shifting change that human destiny arises. Events take shape in the earth and in the cosmos itself. The ancient beings are the very processes of life and death. They are the seeds of life and form. They are creation and destruction.

When our present culture looks back on the gods, such as those in the Roman or Greek pantheon, we tend to give them ridiculous imagery. They portray them as human beings, with all their jealousies and foibles, who yet have great powers and are long-lived. This is quite ridiculous. These ancient beings want nothing of the sort. The state of their existence is almost beyond our imagining. They have existed since the beginning of time and taken part in the very creation of our universe. They are the weavers of worlds. But in wholeness there is not only creation – there is also destruction, the breakdown of the old and the rebirth of the new

The gods are recorded in most cultures by those who had entrance to the inner life that in modern humans is seen as the unconscious. So in todays humans we are blind to this enormous awareness that includes the gods. We are so blind to what the gods are that when we portray them in drama or films they are shown as human beings who are in conflict with humans and each other. That is ridiculous.

It helps to understand this if we see that the word Elohim in Genesis is the key to much of this seeming contradiction. It is simply translated in todays bibles as God, but it means ‘the gods’ or ‘God the gods’. The word Eloha is singular, it means ‘a god’ but Elohim is plural, meaning ‘the gods’. In the ancient teachings, Elohim meant the creative  and  destructive  manifestations, energies or attributes of the one creative reality in the cosmos. It is like the seven colours in the one light. These many ‘gods’, under the direction of the unifying ‘Clear Light’, created the being of man. This means that the many attributes of God, or the gods, are active in man’s being. Man is an image of these forces.

There are some modern humans who are not blind to this inner world.

“It took me a long time to enter deeply into this inner world, but when I did I met what I have called the Star Beings. I will simply say that I recognised them as what ancient cultures have called the gods. But they were in no way like the strange portrayals of the ancient gods we see in todays media; powerful caricatures of human beings with amazing powers. These beings did not have human form with crazy quirks, angers and desire for power that humans have. I experienced them as the spectrum of fundamental forces and energies that work together to create our universe.

However, these forces that usually we take as somehow inanimate or without awareness, like the force of gravity or the energy pouring out of the sun, I experienced as having awareness and intelligence. I knew them as existing in the water we drink and the air we breathe. I knew them as our real parents, of whose body we take into us to exist. I knew them as the beings we are constantly hurting through our destructive relationship with nature. They explained to me that we have not yet fulfilled our role, a role that placed us as the custodians of life on Earth. They also told me that the time of the Lion and the Bull is coming.”

Here is a quote from Plutarch’s Moralia in Sixteen Volumes, Vol. V, published by William Heineman

“All good things, my dear Clea, sensible men must ask from the Gods; and especially do we pray that from those mighty Gods we may, in our quest, gain a knowledge of themselves, so far as such a thing is attainable by men. For we believe that there is nothing more important for man to receive, or more ennobling for God of His grace to grant, than the truth. God gives to men the other things for which they express a desire, but of sense and intelligence He grants them only a share, inasmuch as these are His especial possessions and His sphere of activity. For the Deity is not blessed by reason of his possession of gold and silver, nor strong because of thunder and lightning, but through knowledge and intelligence. Of all the things that Homer said about the Gods, he has expressed most beautifully this thought: wisdom. I think also that a source of happiness in the eternal life, which is the lot of God, is that events which come to pass do not escape His prescience. But if His knowledge and meditation on the nature of Existence should be taken away, then, to my mind, His immortality is not living, but a mere lapse of time. Therefore the effort to arrive at the Truth, and especially the truth about the Gods, is a longing for the divine.”

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