Mwanga Flies To The Moon

When the moon was very bright one night, everyone in the compound was sitting enjoying the feeling of having food inside them. They sat close to the fire because with the moon so bright the sky was clear and it was cool....More

The Story The Rain and Wind Tell

Africa is one of the oldest countries on the face of the Earth. The animals and people have been there a long time. One evening as the sun was sinking, with thunder clouds gathering, the crickets and the birds were calling, and the evening seemed as old as the world. Sitting outside his hut watchin...More

Patrick O’Conner’s Vision

Patrick’s old bones were aching from sleeping on the floor, even though he had chosen a place with carpet. So he had only been slumbering fitfully when some slight noise nearby woke him. In the half daze that comes on you in the middle of sleep he looked and saw a young she angel kneeling near his...More

The Boy and I

The boy followed me in the road, looking at me without embarrassment. It was usually small babies who stared, and they can’t tell what they see. But the boy now walked in front of me, in the dusty road, turning to look. I smiled at his undone shoelaces, and his grubby face. “Who are you?” H...More

The Hand

When Life was still making the original people who lived on the earth, it created a little Black Boy. He arose, still asleep, from the Great Waters, and was gently washed to shore by the waves....More

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – The Hedgehog Who Lost His Reasons

Seeing that the bushes were growing over the stream at the bottom of our garden, I put on my Wellington boots and went out. Wading into the stream, I began to cut back the branches and weeds....More

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Trouble is His Middle Name

Being well known to certain people in Amersham, it was not thought unusual when Peter took a coach ride to the Zoo in London. He was very good during the ride, and didn’t feel sick, or lean out of the window to shout rudely at dogs....More

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Peter And Misty Mouse

When the summer holidays finished, and Peter saw all the children going back to school, it gave him an idea. He was standing under the horse chestnut trees that hang over School Lane, at the time, and he began to walk up and down talking to himself....More

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Peter Goes To Church

Late one night Peter felt like a walk, and wandered down to the High Street to look at the shops. He had only just arrived when it began to rain. The Memorial Gardens were near, so he went into the little summer house there, as he called it, to have a think! But it was draughty, the cars made a n...More

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Hedgehog Thoughts

The other morning I put on my Wellington boots and went into the garden to do some digging. Just as I was finding my spade, I heard a loud snoring sound. I didn’t have to wonder who it was, I knew only too well. It was Peter Hedgehog still asleep....More

Tales of Peter the Hedgehog – Peter Meets Sleepy

These are a series of story I wrote for a mother and child magazine. They centre around a character Peter, a hedgehog....More

The Rock Beast

The aborigine, I cannot pronounce his name, led me across the land. It was a journey away from the white man’s life. And I carried nothing of the city, of electricity, cars, or money with me, not even a camera. It took days, during which we lived off the land and I began to feel a living connec...More

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