Fear In Penrhos Forest

Something urged me out of my den long after the sun had set. I went cautiously, sniffing the air. The frost was in my nose, and the mist. I started south on a track padded along many times. Few creatures were about, but I was wary. Age makes you more cautious. But I wasn’t hunting, because my bell...More

Tess and the Lake

I know a man whose name is Nigel. He is married to a woman called Tess. Now Nigel and Tess live in a place just East of Doncaster in Melbourne. Most of you know Nigel and Tess, this is because they are similar to so many likeable people. Most of you get on well with them, especially Tess; she is...More

The Ring

Many families have an heirloom that is passed on each generation. Or perhaps it’s a story about an ancestor that is told to ones children. In my case it was the ring that was passed on, I being the only son. Strangely there is no story about the origin of the ring, but there is a very definite du...More

The Labours of Hero Cules

Cules had managed to walk from Wimpole Street to Baker Street without being accosted by the many possibilities on the way. This was no mean feat as he had only just discovered a few truths about himself that rather put a new perspective on things. One of these being that he was a bubble on the water...More

Long Odyssey

This is important! I must write it down while I can still remember. If I don’t, I may forget and lose it forever. I can hardly believe this! How is it possible that I could have lived most of my life without knowing who I am? It is so out of the ordinary that I am wondering if I am suffering s...More

When Ma and Pa Died

When you chil’n get quiet enough I’ll tell you how my Ma and Pa died. I ain’t never tol you this one before so you better listen out real good. See, way back then my Ma and Pa – that’s your grandparents – were real fine. They were big folks. Why, jus for brekfas, between them they wou...More

Dark Man in the Light

Lazere stood in the darkest area of the street, waiting and reminiscing. His memory spanned an enormous spread of history, almost a thousand years of continuous life. A mellow mood spread through him like warmth from a fire permeating flesh. Through all those years he had seen himself as a powerful ...More

A Tear Dropped in the Ocean

This is a description of a beautiful dream I experienced and wanted to record. Mr Kanasaki is a man of quiet manners and smiles. Yet on this morning he could barely manage to lift his eyes to greet me. This aroused enough concern for me to stop and say to him, “Good morning Mr Kanasaki. Are you we...More

Anything Will Do

It was one of those long hot afternoons Melbourne gives you as a blessing. I had been everywhere in my mind and feelings having had the house to myself all day. Strange the things you can find in your mind if you climb right into it. That very day I had realised my ability to sink back into the dept...More

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