Ability to govern your expression or expenditure of energy or speed of advance in work, a relationship or life. What you are doing with the accelerator shows the amount of power or ‘drive’ you are putting into what you are doing or where you are aiming to go in life.

If the car is not responding when the pedal is pressed it suggests you are out of energy, or that there is a problem with how you are motivating yourself.

If pressing down on accelerator: Desire to reach ones goal or desire quickly, or putting more effort or power into your resolve; frustration; ability or ‘drive’ to succeed.

Lack of response from accelerator: No inner enthusiasm for tasks or goals; a sense of getting no response from something you are involved in.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How is this depicting my desire to control things, or speed up things in my life?

How much am I depressing the pedal and how does that relate to where I am aiming to go?

If the car is not responding I need to ask myself why my emotion or body are not responding to this decision.

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