Accept Accepted Accepting

To be willing to admit or receive what is represented in the dream. If somebody else if accepting something from you, then it is about feelings of being acceptable, or having something to give. See: giving; gift.

 An unwillingness to receive or accept what is offered or being offered needs to be explored. Acceptance is a great power that will open many doors in the inner or dream world. It is like allowing the Life Will to work through you. See The Life Will .

 Example: I woke this morning to a terrible smell. It was so strong I felt one of my cats had either peed or shit on the duvet. I was cautious about moving because it felt so near to my nose. The smell was slightly chemical in that it irritated my nose slightly. I slowly sat up – slow because of suffering vertigo and sitting up can be awful. So I slowly reached over and switched on the table light. Then I began searching for the awful mess that I was sure was causing the smell. But there was now no mess and no smell. I asked myself what was the cause of the smell and received the response it was the awful stink I had set up in my relationships with women. But there was no feelings or insights attached to it so I was left wondering.

 On then exploring the cause I was gradually shown the heap of shit I had been. Firstly my teenage years when I was depressed. Then my early twenties and thirties when I remembered my awful condition in not being able to meet peoples eyes and not even being able to wave to a friend who greeted me. And then the worse shit of all, the memory of having blood on my hands from killing someone – and the person I had killed was me, so I had walked around like the living dead, depressed, unable to make love to my wife, a zombie looking to others for life and love, a heap of shit.

But then I was shown the way out – admitting that I was a shit, and asking for help as the twelve steps in Alcoholics Anonymous define it. In opening myself to that wonderful otherness my heap of shit became a compost heap which offered new growth.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I willing to admit or receive whatever is being depicted?

What am I giving of myself?

What is involved in the relationship with whatever or whoever is giving or receiving?

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