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In your dreams there are no accidents or chance events. In one way or another, you create the whole dream. Therefore to dream of an accident may mean you sense attitudes, or events, are leading you toward whatever is depicted in the dream. This is in no way a prophecy, but it might occasionally depict a self-fulfilling incident. In which case it is wise to be aware of any events suggesting what is portrayed in your dream. You can then avoid the final moves creating the accident.

The dream may also be showing feelings of stress or tension that could lead to events best for you to avoid. The event might be a relationship break-up, a work crisis, or whatever is suggested in a dream – or caused by a relationship or work break up.

Again, defuse the situation by being aware of the tensions or stress contributing to the dream accident. Deal with the stress of tension, and thus avoid its possible consequences. An accident in a dream may also suggest feelings of being out of control, or not being able control events occurring around you, perhaps heightening stress.

Sometimes this simply suggests the feelings it gives rise to, as shock or fear. Perhaps something has shocked and hurt you. Often dreams of upheaval are signs of great change that are or will occur, so learning to meet change is a necessary skill, and something we need all the time.

Many people have strong feelings of anxiety about any dream which shows them having an accident or being injured. If we could have a record of every dream each person had, we would see everyone dreams again and again of being injured, murdered, killed. Because these are common themes, some dreams are going to coincide with an actual accident or plane crash. Because these dreams are common themes, many dreamers attempt to link the dream with a later event. But such dreams are usually about psychological injury or anxiety. Nevertheless many people do have warning dreams.

Defuse the dream situation by using visualisation to change the dream imagery – see Acting in Your Dream. See: esp in dreams; warning dreams.

Accident at sea: Feelings of threat about relationship. Perhaps a sense there is a problem building up. See: First example under boat.

Accident in car: Tension about your efforts to ‘get somewhere’ or achieve your goals. Take care in driving for a few days. See: car.

Accident in the home: A sense that tension is building up in your home life. Occasionally this means you have unconsciously noticed something might cause an accident in the home. Therefore check whatever it is that produced the accident – i.e. is stair carpet loose if you dream of falling down stairs?

An accident to someone else: Could be hidden aggression, but consider what facet of yourself the person depicts and see how an accident links with that. See the entry on people to help with this.

Plane crash: Worries about a project such as business collapsing or not coping financially. See: Aeroplane.

Example: The other night I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend was killed in a car accident. I was mortified and became hysterical. I can only remember little bits of it now, but I do remember seeing him in his car, dead. I think I started crying in my sleep. I have been thinking a lot about him lately, before I had the dream. I’ve missed him so much and this worries me. A.R.E. dream.

The woman in the example had actually parted with her boyfriend. The dream is therefore most likely an expression of her deep feelings about losing him.

Idioms: Accidentally on purpose; chapter of accidents; a blessed accident.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I feeling stressed or tense about something?

Is there an attitude I have that could lead to some sort of accident or misfortune?

Is there something I am avoiding doing that is at the root of this dream – i.e. have you noticed the tires on your car are bald, or a piece of electrical equipment needs attention?

What are you worried about?

How can I change the dream imagery to defuse it? See Carry the Dream Forward.


-Gary Taylor 2017-10-21 22:07:26

My father is deceased and I had ah dream he left my house on a motor cycle at 11:29 and when I woke up it was 11:29 what do that mean

-Chantel 2015-06-24 21:29:55

Hi Tony,
I had a dream I was in this car accident, except my mum was driving and I was in the passenger seat. I’d just finished grocery shopping with her at our regular place to go grocery shopping. When we were backing out of our parking lot, there were many parked cars, but a car veered into my mum’s side and she badly injured her shoulder but I was okay. I got out and tried so many times to call the ambulance but it just wasn’t working, I always ended up calling someone in a different country, for instance China. Just as I picked up my phone to try and call an ambulance one already came that someone else had called. The car that hit us was big and black, while ours is just out small silver one. Could it be anything to do with the recent suicide I attempted? I was in hospital for a while, and I have been deeply considering doing it again. I’m really scared of hurting my family, especially my mum, and I’m also scared about what would happen after I die. The whole thing around that constantly bothers me. I really need help with this.

    -Sam 2015-12-06 15:33:35

    I had a dream I was in a car accident but I didn’t remember being in one in my dream my grandfather told me I hurt my left leg. I also tried going outside down the steps to the snow there was a bar on the steps and I held and went down

    What does this mean..?

-Andrea 2015-06-21 17:33:10

I dreamed that I was driving my mini van down a country road with my 16 year old son I. The passenger seat and my 2 year old daughter in her car seat in the back.

Somehow my toddler managed to get out of er car seat and was trying to climb between the front seats. I tried to stop the vehicle so I could put her back in her seat but the breaks went out. Trying to keep my eyes on the road and tell my daughter to get back in her seat I over corrected and the vehicle hit the ditch and began to roll.

My son was trying to stay in his seat as the car tumbled. All I could think was “Please don’t let us hit water.” I was trying so hard to et my seatbelt off so I could get to my daughter to try and hold her so she wasn’t being tossed around the car, then te car rolled off of a cliff and my heart sank.

My husband woke me up because I was screaming and kicking in my sleep.

-kurt 2014-11-29 0:25:41

I drempt I was walking and as I walked I thought about me being in a house watching a hockey game meanwhile a police officer was knocking at my door but I didn’t answer cause I wanted to relax and watch the game. Then I saw a car speeding through town and it was approaching a intersection and I saw the stop sign but the car went through, I thought maybe a car would t bone it but no cars where coming but then the car smashed into a house. The odd thing is the car rolled all the way back to me and stopped at my feet,I kinda had to jump back so it didn’t hit me. I qquickly looked for my phone,took a bit but I found it in my pocket and was thinking I should call 911. In was a little hesitant but I think I did. The dream was quite long. I’ll just say that there was a lot of knife scenes,blood. Etc. Seen a guy who threw knives very accurately. Seen bloody knife. And me holding a couple knives. I feared I’d harm someone.

-Sravan patnaik 2013-08-18 10:19:59

I dreamt of going on bicycle along with my friend , suddenly i banged to one vehicle which was coming deom front, but nothing happend , a small fracture to my leg. Can you please tel me? Why did i dream like this? I am so worried,

    -jim 2014-09-26 14:49:02

    Dreamt i chased my girlfriend and she fell and hit her head and died very sad but i chased her because she kept laughing when i asked if she loved me. She then hit her head and couldnt talk to me as i laid on top of her.

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