Accounts or Accountant

Obviously to do with thoughts or concern over money. Whether it is about anxiety or insights depends upon what is portrayed in the dream; may also depict having to give an account of oneself, revealing the details of your actions or dealings with others. It can help to decide what the dream is about by using Processing Dreams.

Difficulty in balancing accounts: A sense of not having been honest or careful in your dealing with others or yourself; worries about money and surviving financially; not remembering events and activities clearly; an unresolved problem.

Accountant A pert of you that has a good business sense, although perhaps you could be more creative.

Argument with your accountant or the tax inspector This is probably a warning to remain in the black and not spend beyond your means.

Negative accounts or arguing with accountant: Worries about money or an inner warning to watch expenditure; a conflict relating to feelings about money or value.

Positive accounts or praise from accountant: You are moving to good fortune and are handling your business and money well – unless there is obvious money worries at the time of dream. In which case it might be a compensatory dream.

Idioms; Account for; an account to settle; be accountable for; by all accounts; call to account; doctor the accounts; of no account; on account; on no account; settle an account.

Useful questions are:

What does money represent for me?

If you have an accountant how do you relate to her or him?

How are you feeling about money at the moment?

Have you been honest in your dealings with others – this can be a big cause of money worries?

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