Accuse Accused Accusation Accuser

Feelings of guilt, or social or relationship difficulty. If you are the accuser, it may be showing feelings of being victimised or wronged. The feelings may be from the far past. But it can also be a way of avoiding being truthful.

Accusing someone else: Unconsciously feeling someone is not playing fair with you or you have a feeling you are not expressing to them; or self accusation about something you feel strongly about.

Being accused by someone: Feeling wrongly judged; feeling guilty about something; something you need to be aware of.

A lot of people’s dreams are like the following example, feeling wrongly accused, although some are obviously about accusing others.

Then she begins to get hysterical, accusing him of being untrue and doing her wrong. As her accusations get more hysterical and untrue and harsh, the entire tribe begins to see it is wrong. They walk away from her. She is now sobbing and screaming that she had been to the doctor’s this morning and got bad news. Finally she’s on the floor sobbing. Everyone has left the building except me.

It is a truth in psychology that we tend to blame anything on to others. To face up to the accusations is a very positive step.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Have I felt accused lately?

Am I holding back dealing with feelings about someone?

What is the accusation in the dream, and is there a link with my waking life?

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