Considering that our being has emerged from the tiny combination of sperm and ovum, a huge growth has arisen from a tiny beginning. This potential is frequently represented by the acorn or a seed. Even when adult, there is still enormous potential remaining unexpressed. The acorn can also suggest synthesised experience, and because of its link with potential, depict opportunities.

Because the oak tree is often used as a symbol of strength or endurance the dream acorn might point to reserves of such strength. Other cultural associations are age, long lasting, eternity and mystery, as with the Druid connection with the oak tree.

Shakespeare writes “the oak not to be wind-shaken” suggesting strength in difficulties.

Seeing or picking up acorns: Suggests you are in a positive life situation in which you can make things happen successfully.

Unripe acorns: Warning against acting prematurely. Wait until your plans, ideas or abilities are mature, or the situation ‘ripe’.

See: oak under tree; tree; seed.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What potential or opportunity am I meeting at the moment?

Have I a seed, in the form of an idea or an opportunity, that I need to plant now?

Is there an inner strength I have but am not letting grow?

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