Action Or Activities

What you are doing in your dream gives a good indication of what the central message of the dream is. If you are building for instance, then it suggest creating a new environment of life situation. Also, being active in your dream shows you doing something about what you are meeting in life. The opposite is a sort of passivity. So look up the keywords for what your action is – i.e. swimming, run

The energy you express during each day is an expression of life itself. It is the stuff of creation or destruction. So it can be a way you move toward satisfaction and well being, or toward self destruction and illness. therefore it is incredibly important to know how to use your energy in a way that brings satisfaction to yourself and others. This is not always easy, because some self-destructive urges or dispositions have been deeply etched into us by early childhood events and examples.

But as you lie sleeping, your dream actions reveal whether you are using your potential toward self-destructive behaviour, toward illness, or toward unfolding your possibilities and connection with others.

As an extreme example of this, a man dreamt he was watching someone who insisted on living in a small stable like room that was foul with his own faeces and urine. He wouldn’t go out or clean the room, and his clothes too were filthy. He wouldn’t be helped, but blamed his condition on anything and anyone but himself.

This dream was a turning point for the dreamer because it showed so clearly how he was making excuses for the attitudes of despair, of helplessness, of being disadvantaged, that he lived in all the time. Realising this he had a big internal clean-up of the feelings and thoughts he accepted as true.

Other common actions such as standing, running sitting, can have profound meaning in your dreams. For instance are you really standing in your life and expressing the positive and confident potential that you have? Are you running away from yourself in some way? Are you sitting waiting for life to happen, or are you up on the stage of your life expressing what is in you? And remember that there is always creative action. If you fought the establishment head on you might get knocked down – but a singer can do the same and be acclaimed.

The meaning depends entirely on what the action is, so it is helpful to get at the root of the action. For instance are you active or passive; are you creative or destructive; are you going somewhere or coming from somewhere? After defining the action go to the entry describing this. Suggestions are: active/passive; movements; positions; postures movements and body language; running; struggle.

Useful questions are:

What am I trying to achieve through my action?

Am I involved with someone else in this, and in what way?

What does this action express?

How does this involve me with anybody else?

Am I active or passive?

What feelings are involved in this?

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