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If you are the actor/actress, you may be acting a role, not being your true self. This might also express a desire for public acclaim or notice. But if you have strong feelings/ideas about the character of the person, then your dream image may be using them to represent those feelings or ideas or themes.

Depending on context, can represent yourself wanting public acclaim, or not expressing real self – acting a role. Just as someone’s life may be ‘acted out’ on stage or in a film, so actors may represent a showing of facets of your own life, especially inner life; the false image we may be expressing; our attempt to impress others, or act a part; ones inflated opinion of oneself. In some dreams when we see ourselves on the stage, or are watching a film or show, it denotes the examination or contemplating of some special situation in ones life.

Every night you create a new drama. You conjure out of your own being the people, the creatures, the surroundings of your dream. Then you give life to what you create – not only life but purpose and drama. You are a supreme dramatist, playwright, actor and actress. You are the great Creator – in your dreams. Considering this, have you ever wondered why that enormous creativity does not flow into your waking life? You can see that some people have that creativity and are enriched by it personally and financially. Why not you?

The many charcters and the scary or wonderful drama are all your own creation – and yet you might see yourself as having no creative ideas. Wake to the fact that you are a supreme dramatist, playwright, actor and actress. You are the great Creator. See: Examples below.

Idioms: Act a part; act on impulse or information; acting up; caught in the act; as the actress said to the bishop; get in on the act. See: theatre.

Example: Dark man on stage holding a reclining woman in the air. Woman dressed in long dress with a low neck line. Large silver cross round her neck. Man in evening dress, streams of blood coming from his arms like jets. Places woman down on stage. Woman gets into a cab outside hotel, man at the wheel but doesn’t see his face. She sits in the back of the cab, suddenly the sides of the seats close in around her. The cab driver takes off a rubber mask and it is the man of the stage scene, but the woman in the cab is me? Mrs. L L.

This dream of Mrs L. L. very clearly shows how the dreamer is watching on stage something relating to herself.

Example: When I looked at the film it was a carnival going on in the street, people with gay clothing and crowds watching. Two girls were going to sit in an old model type car, but someone said it would be better if they sat on the back of the car as they could been seen in the parade. Then I was looking into the crowd to find me and it was like looking at a snapshot, it felt very important that I find me, I saw my green slacks just showing, right at the back of the crowd. H. K.

Here the main feature in the dream is the effort to ‘find me’. So the dreamer is watching the film in order to clarify their own self image, or find out who they are and how they relate to other people – the crowd. See: Creating a New You; Stage; Roles.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What is being acted and how does that apply to my life at the moment?

Is a special life situation being explored here that is important to me?

Am I acting out an old pattern of behaviour, or is something new being expressed in this dream?

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