Desire for improvement in ones life; a sense of confidence in your abilities at the time of the dream, or that you are making headway in a situation or in life generally.

In many dreams the advance is being made by someone or something that is getting ever closer. Sometimes there is a sense of anxiety with this. This portrays something you are confronting in yourself, or in life, that is making inroads on your confidence and energy. Define what it is by considering where you meet this feeling while awake.

If the advancing person or thing is not threatening, it shows a growing awareness of a situation, a developing relationship or internal experience that is getting ever nearer or more imminent.

Idioms: In advance of; make advances to.

Useful questions are:

What do I feel in the dream, and where do those feelings arise in waking life?

What am I advancing into or to?

What am I leaving behind or moving away from?

Is there anything or anyone helping me?

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