Adventure Adventurous Adventurer

The dream is probably depicting new experiences you are daring to allow yourself, or that circumstances have pushed you into or confronted you with. Perhaps you are making changes within yourself, or in your external life. You are probably taking risks, doing something new. The context in the dream will state whether the risk is worth taking, or whether fears or other factors hold you back.

Dream adventures often show you deeply involved in something, trying out skills against difficulties, and very often appear when you are exploring your own inner world involving your past or wider awareness.

There can of course be sexual adventures in which you move into challenges of expressing your feelings or facing your fears.

If difficult: Facing things about yourself that are painful or you wish to avoid; afraid of, or there are difficulties with; change.

On an interesting/pleasant adventure: Undertaking something new and/or difficult; a new opportunity presenting itself; making a change; undertaking the journey to meeting oneself; learning new skills and expressing new potentials.

Useful questions are:

What is it in waking life that is challenging you or involving you deeply?

Are you making changes that call on new skills? Have new levels of inner experience opened, if so what?

What skills or qualities do I need in this?


-AyenieReyes 2014-12-31 5:50:29

I had a adventurous dream well, it was funny because Percy Jackson was there and annabeth chase and luke castello and we where in the boat and suddenly this boat was so big! And then suddenly everytime it was sailing so far and it turns into a small boat (this boat was square and it made out of wood). And the waves was so huge and it was raining a bit and if we where going in direction there was a small turnado coming to us and suddenly i see there was a land in my side and i was planning to jump while the others was in the boat and a get the boat so that they will be not get the turnado and there. We landed. And suddenly luke was there and planning to kill us but we kill him. And i see luke was, (i cant explain) there was a fire side by side and there was a girl in there and it was already dead and luke have a huge manequin doll and he put to the girl who was dead and suddenly there she transform into a mannequin doll and. Luke was happy and taking a revenge to us. But suddenly i dont really remember whats next.

-Greg Cutler 2014-09-11 17:22:26

Thank you for this very insightful interpretation! It’s common for me to have adventure dreams. Usually they stem off memories of backpacking through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I wake up refreshed, wanting to go for a hike. This recent adventure dream however, was very, very different. The setting was opposite of the Sierras. A dry, mountainous region comprised of wavy colorful clay sheets. Imagine the grains of wood being doused in a paint bucket. I saw three people climbing a steep face. When I asked the person next to me what they were doing he replied, “oh those are the crazies. Usually orphan kids trying to runaway, wanting to live in the outback.” All of a sudden I was overwhelmed the desire to join them. Next thing I know I’m traversing this strange land. We had to climb more steep faces, and climb down avalanche prone slopes. We reached a winter wonderland, and decided to stay there to “hustle kids on the mountain, and ride out the winter.” We stayed there, and got a job at the resort. The dream ended by taking a bizarre turn. I played some weird “eye piano” something that looked like an orb. I don’t know.
I recently lost my job at the restaurant I’ve been working at for 4 years. I have my degree, but am hesitant to start looking. The dream interpretation nailed my thoughts. Thanks again.

-William Taylor 2014-01-24 22:24:03

For a while now I have had similar dreams where I need to undertake an adventrue or a mission. For a while they involved me needing to make my way along a coast of water, sometimes with bad weather and sometimes I need to work my way through water. Until I reach usually a spaceship and at this point I am with a girl. I feel I need to save her, that it’s not really me that’s important but there is a bigger cause to get on this spaceship and to safety. Once on the spaceshift the feeling is a great relief, the most amazing relief and when you wake up it’s sometimes incredible.

The dreams were sometimes scary but I find I am dealing with some people who I want removed from my life and this is only starting to become a relaity. I have started University and am undertaking new skills and tasks I have never done before. I suppose my life is changing for the better and that would describe why my dreams went from tense to a more relieved feeling. Now I dream about an old house and it’s a whole new journey but the cataclysm, the feeling of danger and me needing to do something to save myself and others always comes back and it’s always epic with love, fear, joy and relief. Explain that lol! (I smoke the herb)

    -Tony Crisp 2014-01-26 15:17:27

    William – Well you seem to have learned not just to float away on the herb, but to achieve something positive – which is its positive side.

    The girl and the spaceship are two very important stages on your life. The spaceship shows you becoming aware of yourself and your possibilities more fully. That is certainly an adventure of a real kind.

    The old house hold a lot more challenges for you, facing things you fear, and also meeting wonder. Remember that you are learning the positive side and use it.


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