Africa African

This may refer to your own feelings about black and coloured people or racial prejudices if you are white. If you are black, then it is about some aspect of your own personality or experience.

Africa was the birthplace of the human race, so may refer to your personal origins. But if you are aware of particular associations, such as having lived in Africa or studied it, then it would probably refer to those associations.

In dreams we still use native or tribal Africans or Australian Aborigines to represent our own natural inner life, the feeling urges or intuitions that guide or beset us. Thus the African, or being in Africa in a white person’s dream, unless we have defined associations with it, may represent a level of our mind or consciousness, that does not differentiate and separate things in the same way our conscious rational mind usually does.

This African or archaic strata of consciousness produces a sense of being connected with the mysterious spirit of life itself. It also gives insights into the wisdom learned through collective human and animal experience.

The African would suggest contact with the insights, intuitions or influences arising from such a source. It therefore also has a connotation or connection with formation, the coming into form of what exists at present unconsciously as potential. See: aboriginal; black people; natives.

In some dreams of black people by white’s it often shows much freer sexuality or awareness of life’s urges.

Useful questions are:

Is this a connection to the more instinctive aspects of myself?

Does this pertain to feelings about skin colour?

How am I relating to this part of me that connects more fully to my intuitive self?

What can I, or am I learning from this relationship? See: Aboriginal, AbroadThe Life Will.


-Laura Lynne 2017-06-19 3:25:42

I had a strange dream that mentioned Africa in it. I wasn’t there but I was on the phone with my boyfriend. I was in Avalon, NJ but I was at some huge pool. All the houses were gigantic mansions & I was floating around on a floaty. I knew I had thought I went to the beach & I looked around wondering where all these giant houses came from / where the pool I was in came from. The houses I remember seeing were a light raspberry color & bright yellow. The water was bright & clear & it was a sunny day. My cell rang & I dropped it in the pool. I went to the edge & my boyfriend called me about this huge anaconda that had been spotted in Africa. He said it was the biggest one in the world & there was a 1,000,000 dollar bounty on it.
Everything in the dream can be found but I still don’t understand how Africa relates. I’ve never been to Africa but I listen to a lot of Reggie/roots music which is the closest relation I have to it, but that stems from a Caribbean island not Africa. Any comments are appreciated

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