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-Susie 2012-06-16 19:09:28

Tuesday afternoon my ex (grown children’s father) had a heart attack and surgery but has lived and now back at his house. Thursday I dreamed that I went to work as usual but the location was at a different store but the co-workers and job were the same. Instead of just unloading a truck we had to transfer some freight by another truck. I was trying to talk to a co-worker but he acted as if he was listening which is normal. We stopped at the register for snacks before leaving the store. She rang the guy in front of me and then reached for the guy behind me. I asked what was going on ? Can you not see me standing here? A man standing in another line behind her had turned a was watching me get upset. He said no ,they can’t see you but I can. I waved my hand at her but got no response. I followed the guys out anyway and got in the truck. We drove down a big road in the city that I know well. I knew at that point they couldn’t see or hear me. Coming down the hill someone said something about a traffic jam as we came to a stop in the road. I turned and looked thinking to myself,”They haven’t got that mess cleared up yet?” Then I thought to myself, How would I have known anything about an accident at that intersection, I had not been anywhere near there that day. I started thinking about that will be be at that intersection on Sunday because I will be off work this Sunday and we are going to that store for new cell phones. Then someone said something about it was Sunday. I thought to myself then why am I at work when I’m suppose to be off. Then I looked again toward the accident in the road. I then released that the only way I would have known about the accident in the road , and that no one could see or hear or feel me was that I was dead and just carrying on my normal live duties. I was sort of in shock at that point but ok with it because I couldn’t do anything to change what had happened. Then thought of how hurt the children and grandchildren would be when they find out. Having almost lost their father earlier in the week and now did lose me. At that point I woke up. I know I was sick and had a fever when I went to bed that night and went to the doctor office instead of work yesterday with an infection. They gave me a shot to bring down swelling but it also can keep you from sleeping. Even after a sleeping pill I still haven slept but an hour this morning and fixing to go to work. I think I was also almost afraid of going to sleep. Tomorrow is Sunday. I will be traveling to that store. Please help me with the meaning of this dream before tomorrow afternoon gets here.

    -Tony Crisp 2012-06-19 11:04:19

    Susie – I believe its okay and nothing will happen to you. I have received another dream like this recently where someone died and then they had a very real after life experience in a dream.

    Because you felt a connection with your ex, it triggered a response in you wondering what death would be like. And the dream is an excellent description except you can move one from there once you know and recognise it as a way of teaching you something.


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