As can be seen from the examples below, most dreams are about anxiwty about having AIDs. So even if you dreamt of having AIDs it is probably a fear of it.

Example: I am playing with her juicy ****, but the cars never seem to come by. We go to look for a better place to watch the race (I carry her piggy back) and there is more sexual playing. I am really getting horny and still the race doesn’t start. I start thinking of getting a condom (I am afraid of AIDS) but I don’t know how to talk to her about this.

Example: Living with M. We are in a small house. There is an extremely sexy girl living with us. She and I want to have sex, but with M. there is is impossible. (I observe the girl have sex with at least one other person and know that she had it with still another). M. is watching me very closely. Later, I think it is probably good that I didn’t have sex with this girl as I could or probably would have gotten AIDS.

Example: But the woman might have had aids. For some moments all the assessment of her character went through my mind. Basically that having casual sex with me probably meant she would have casual sex with quite a few people. I worried that I might have caught aids.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What do I feel in the dream and is there signs of those feelings in my life?

Am I worried about catching the illness, and if so I should do something about it like using condoms.

What do I understand from my dream?

Using Processing Dreams can help.

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