Airplane Plane

The plane in your dream shows all the amazing possibilities of change, of varied experience, of romance, business and discovery in life today. But it also holds all the possibilities of failure, of not being able to get your projects or relationship off the ground, along with delays, unexpected threats, and the possible tragedy and loss you might meet in life. Your dream airplane communicates this in the action your dream portrays. The plane journey, for instance, suggests a change in your life, leaving your ordinary affairs behind. It is a journey into the unknown, into taking risks. Perhaps you are making a move toward, or away from, love and opportunity. It is risky because the plane can fall from the sky, and you can meet feelings of failure or despair.

A plane can also attack, and this shows fears, anxiety about being exposed to attack from other people or events. This does not mean you will be attacked, only that you fear it.

To climb aboard a plane is to embark upon dramatic movement from one way of life, or one situation in life, to another; a leap into the unknown, into chance – so it is a powerful symbol of change. Perhaps that flight into chance, into life and its mysterious possibilities might be okay. But it might fall from the sky too. Meanwhile, on the plane you will not have your feet on the ground, you will not be secure, everything is ‘up in the air’. The plans, the love, the hopes and efforts might die, might lead to tragedy with all its rippling effects moving into the web of relationships and events connected with the flight of the plane.

In exploring a dream about a plane crash it took a long time to really connect with anything, but when I did the feelings were all about how there has been a crash of my dreams, ambitions, desire for love and the heightened feelings that arose or ‘took off’ in connection with a lover. In comments on planes above I say, “The plans, the love, the hopes and efforts might die, might lead to tragedy with all its rippling effects moving into the web of relationships and events connected with the flight of the plane.” This was true in my life.

An attacking aircraft: Feeling attacked either by your own doubts and self criticism, or that of others.

Being grounded: Sense of not getting anywhere and frustration; plans and hopes that haven’t connected with achievement or opportunity – maybe this isn’t the right time yet.

Biplane: It can represent a more full contact with flying in a plane, and needs a lot more courage to do.

Example: “I saw a biplane fly overhead. Its pilot was performing daring new stunts. I ran into a house to tell a man who was in bed to run out and see the plane. ” David R.

The example clearly shows one aspect of what a biplane means, being daring in a new area, taking risks in life, braving a new work area or relationship.

Difficulty landing: Difficulty achieving goal or making it real in a down to earth way; anxiety about where life events are taking you; feeling out of control or not being in control; difficulties or fears about being in someone else’s hands.

Falling out of plane: Usually anxiety, sometimes about death or failure of high hopes. It is also the opportunity to fly if you can overcome your anxieties.

Flight attendant: A part of you trained in dealing with personal problems, and also emergencies.

Pilot: The pilot is a part of you used to having a much wider and inclusive view of where you are going in your life, so trust their help.

Plane falling rapidly: ‘Pit’ feeling in stomach that one gets when feeling anxiety about the outcome of a situation; sense of failure or guilt; apprehension about the future of a project or direction; anxiety about something.

Plane journey: The plane is also a means of leaving things behind, rising above or finding a way of escaping difficulties or the past. It is a way we move beyond the limitations of any one locality, racial customs, family attitudes or religious environments. It is the power of the mind to move among and learn from or experience these many states of being. It offers a much wider or more inclusive view of where you are and where you are going in life.

Private plane: Ones personal activities and plans not deeply connected with other people.

The crashed or wrecked plane: Worry about failing. Can be anxiety bringing down your ambition or adventurousness; a loss of self confidence or mental equilibrium; warning about a business project; broken dreams and hopes. Sometimes shows or refers to a break up in a relationship or a failed endeavour, a hope, a journey that fails.

Watching a plane crash: A sense of emergency; feeling you are aware of an important social or national event. Sensing something difficult happening or having happened in your life, like a divorce or loss of business or love for instance. Can sometimes relate to childhood traumas that make it difficult for you to get your life taking flight.

The plane journey: Shows a move toward independence; leaving home or friends; success.

Watching a plane land safely: The arrival back to oneself of the actions, words and energies sent out into the world. As a simple example, we may have a carpet to give away because we are moving. We tell a neighbour who passes the information to someone else. This new person wants the carpet. A completely new person therefore lands, or arrives in our life. The landing plane may also mean coming down to earth again, or making something more applicable in an everyday sense.

The example below clearly shows one aspect of what a plane means, being daring in a new area, taking risks in life, braving a new work area or relationship. David is calling on a part of himself that is withdrawn and inactive to ‘get up’ and be involved in something daring. Sometimes the plane in the sky represents feeling threatened by something new or unknown. This is shown in the second example.

Example: I saw a biplane fly overhead. Its pilot was performing daring new stunts. I ran into a house to tell a man who was in bed to run out and see the plane. David R.

Example: A woman who was a radio researcher was offered the job of presenter. She was thrilled but dreamt she was in a road walking and planes flew overhead dropping bombs and shooting. She had to dive into a ditch to avoid being killed. When she explored the dream she realised she was afraid of facing the public directly, and this fear if left unconscious would have caused her to refuse the job. She accepted the fear and managed to press forward with the job.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I taking a ‘flight’ into a new or challenging situation or relationship?

What am I leaving behind or arriving at?

Are there radical shifts of life style I am involved in?

Do some events in my life feel like a ‘plane crash’?

It helps to read this Dreams Are Virtual Realities and also Processing Dreams and Acting on Your Dream.


-Lyndsey Young 2017-10-09 13:46:44

I keep having a reoccurring dream about been on a plane,with my family, we’re all gappy and excited about our journey but we don’t know were we are going
Sat in separate seats from my husband he sits with my younger daughter and I m sat with my eldest
We go to set of and almost as if it’s the feelING of the beginning of a very steep Roller coaster, we get to the top and right a exceleration we start to deline
But as we’re about to panic we’re assured that we are going to have a safe landing
As we land were in the contry of our designation and it’s as if if the plane is a car driving through little villages showing us the the true culture of the country were singing and waving to people feeling very happy but then I wake and don’t ever see job self if the plane xx

-Jhonathan 2017-09-19 14:45:50

I am constantly having the same dream where I’m on a plane and start to notice and feel like something isn’t right. For example the plane I’m on is always over the water and usually looks too low to be flying. It also is moving at a slower pace then it should. But what’s really scaring me is why
This is happening and I’m looking out the window I see other planes from southwest airlines or American Airlines crashing into the water. I start to panic cause I feel like I’m the only one noticing these issues. Everyone on the flight is relaxed but I’m freaking out because I feel we will be the next to crash and burn. Why do I keep having these plane crash nightmares? 🙁

-Alicia 2017-09-01 13:15:47

In the dream I had a plane to ticket to fly to Paris and I begged my husband to go with me. I cried and pleaded with him and beat him up bc he really didn’t have any real commitments but he was adamant about staying in Houston.
So I boarded the plane and flew away without him. I was devastated bc I knew he didn’t want to be with me. He didn’t want to go bc he had something else he would rather stay back for
In the dream john had a new guy friend who he said he had prior plans with and couldn’t break his commitments. I knew it was just an excuse. I knew he just wanted to go to bars with this guy. The guy had a bald head and looked like a meat head and wore a black fitted tight shirt


-Terri A 2017-04-20 5:25:48

I had a dream last night where me and my family were looking for a venue of where my grandparents where holding a party. we got a little lost and whilst looking their was an airplane and a helicopter going towards each other hitting tv aerials and roofs and eventually collided together. There was debris everywhere, my mother and I found a young man who was gobsmacked at what happened but gave us a lIft to the party but we were to late and my grandad said it didn’t matter and was really angry.

-Mercedes 2017-02-19 14:08:54

Hi Tony!

Thank you for your site. It’s very generous of you to share your insight with us.

I’m having trouble understanding this dream…

My sister and I are on a layover in a Nordic country. It’s wintertime and the location is beautiful. I am walking through the old town thinking about stopping for a coffee but I wander to the edge of this big body of water. My sister is in it. I think she is crazy because it’s so cold out but she tells me to come in. I put my foot in and the water is very soft and warm.

I want to go in but our flight is leaving so we have to go.

Now that I’m awake I think we should have stayed.

Could you give me any insight?

Thank you!


-Rebecca 2017-02-12 16:08:42

– [ ] February 13, 2017 today I dreamt that I was in a plane i don’t know where I was going but I seemed to be fine. I was looking out the window the pilot drove straight through some dark clouds I was thinking how pretty the sky is and suddenly I heard a rock hit the airplane ride after that we started falling straight down. I could see water beneath us. I didn’t want to land there, i didn’t want to die. I look to my left and then see my brother he is also on the plane. I went to the side and put on his seatbelt and gave him that mouth breathing thing. Then I did the same to myself. The plane was still falling I held my brothers hand and began praying I cried and I ask God for forgiveness I was afraid I thought we were going to die but my brother was more scared than me so I had to be strong. I couldn’t show him fear. I close my eyes and kept praying. When I open my eyes I realized we were landing on the road. There was traffic on the road but they keep swerving off road trying to avoid crashing in the plane. We were safe. Everybody inside was calm, then the Pilot drove everybody home.

-Tina 2017-01-22 8:23:25

I have had two dreams of planes crashing near me but, not hitting me. In the second dream I was able to stop the plane from hitting me with one hand.

    -Tony Crisp 2017-01-22 10:31:07

    Hi – I am going to halt from answering your posts – the reason is that in so many of your post I give the same information to many people. That is because most posts do not realise the difference between dreaming and waking life. /it makes a great difference.

    So, most of what I put in answers is my attempt at explain what dreams are really about. It would help you to understand your dreams, if you would read – it would help me, and hopefully you too.


    You are learning a great lesson – you create your dreams by your fears and confidence. You are learning self confidence

-CutAbove 2017-01-17 13:53:15

My dream entailed leaving a job I had just proved good at because I didn’t want to fly multiple times a week. Im in the airport and small altercation breaks out between another person and myself. Im really less concerned about him and more concerned about the jacket I had lost(left behind). As I went back in search of my jacket I notice that guy followed me to continue the fight. By now he’s the least of my worries because ive found myself trapped on a plane. The ride is extraordinarily intense and is in a nose dive however somehow I understand it was to gain momentum I knew it would pull up and it did. I open my eyes.and notice the.plane is huge. The passengers and myself are all upsidedown and kind of floating around. I unbuckle my seatbelt to go get my pants that I had lost during flight(I was specifically concerned about my wallet). I retrieved them successfully and in the meanwhile noticed all of the passengers were very friendly. A sense of comfort washed over me, then I awoke from the dream.

-Mary Wilkinson 2017-01-02 17:53:50

I left the airplane for a break. I got on the wrong plane. Everyone was in military uniform but me. I was in a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. I was going to leave the airport and report my purse lost as I left it in the plane I got list from. The stairs were unusually steep, however, I made it. Once again everyone except a business man I spoke with was in military uniform. I was in the middle of a corridor when it rotated, turned into a gigantic airplane, I was now forced into a seat, I panicked and the announcement stated I was on my way to San Francisco. I looked down and in my hand was my wallet with my drivers licence. I would be flying to San Francisco.

-Angela Miller 2016-11-28 13:36:58

I had relatives aboard one of those small personal planes, 2 are cousins that run farms, which make money for our whole family, one is my brother who has cerebral palsy. They take off and coming back around the plane lost altitude, and crashed.

-Autumn 2016-11-25 11:15:05

What if you’re in the plane and it’s all good but it’s one of those small planes that can only fit a few people, and you’re all sitting against the wall except my daughter who is strapped in in the middle of the floor but she’s good I guess. She seems fine. Yeah well, the pilot does a flip like goes upside down but then, HE CANT MAKE T STOP DOING THAT. And we end up going down and I rush to my daughter to protect her although I don’t even know how because I can’t control anything. And then next thing I know I’m looking out the windows and we’re about to crash wheels into the ground and I jolted awake.

-Samtha 2016-11-03 12:29:58

I had a dream I had a baby with me around 1 years of age. We were in the airplane going somewhere flying overseas when the weather so bad the ocean water knocked us out of the sky causing the plane to crash and it started filling with water immediately.

-Riz 2016-10-20 2:09:05

I had a dream one of tge passengers of the plane and

-Jennifer 2016-10-10 14:31:41

I had a dream that my family was going somewhere in a plane. When it was time for the flight to leave, my husband was missing. The weather was cold and snowing. There was no walkway to the plane. I was tossing our bags onto the plane from the gate. My grown children were already on the plane and were catching the bags telling me to come on. The plane was about to leave and the flight attendant wanted to shut the plane door. Everyone was yelling because of the storm. I kept looking back at the door to see if my husband wasn’t coming. He wasn’t there and I was panicked. I couldn’t decide whether or not to get on the plane. I told my children to go on without me, but then changed my mind. I couldn’t make up my
mind whether to jump on or not. Then I woke up.

I have been debating whether to leave my husband for someone else who I know isn’t good for me. They both love me. I have been married for 24 years and want something new even though my life is great. Things are so passionate and exciting with the other man. My husband doesn’t know about him. I still don’t know what to do.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-11 9:11:29

    Jennifer – There are several things to consider that your dream is pointing out. Firstly, you are going through a ‘cold spell’ shown by the snow. Feeling cold emotionally toward your husband might be why you dream of him not turning up for the big change you have in mind.

    Another thing about a plane flight is that we land in a very different place in life. Our living conditions are different, the relationship hasn’t been tested by living together, you will be in a different life.

    It is difficult to know then, whether your husband not being ready to go with you is a go ahead for your plans.

    I myself have had several love affairs, but as an old man, I see that satisfaction does not come from having a great lover, but by having a great life. I don’t mean living according to the rules that are often rigid taught by churches, but by having an overview of your life – which means living a life that takes care of all your needs. That is a difficult question for anybody but you to answer.

    It might mean having an exciting sexual affair, as well as building a family home – for a family home is often a good place to have? Your uncertainty is worth exploring. Try using


-Idalia Eagans 2016-10-09 14:05:31

I keep having the same dream that all the airplanes are falling from the sky and I keep trying to shelter my kids from the sound and the debris while my husband says I’m sheltering them too much. All of the airplanes are huge passenger planes and for some reason I know it’s the end of the world. By the end I’m able to shelter them but we are forced to live in poverty. Those dreams really scare me every time

    -Cheers 2017-05-18 11:51:02

    I had almost same dream today.
    What happened to u since you dreamt about a yr ago

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