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I Am no Longer Interpreting Dreams


Three reasons.

1 – I need to do so much background work on the site and I cannot answer dreams and work on the site.

2 – The site is a wonderful resource, and if you use it you can develop life skills that are incredibly useful.

3 – I started the site in the late 1980′s. I have worked intensely on creating the site, and the last seven years have  worked without a break, but in the last couple of years I took Saturday off each week. I need a break as I am now nearly 80 and need not to work so hard :-)

I notice that millions have passed through this site, but most people want to receive and give no effort to use the tools given freely. I also know from experience that you yourself have the answers if you give just a bit of yourself.

Who Am I?

I am a crazy old guy who fell in love with Life. I was wounded on the way through youth, but who hasn’t been wounded many through being themselves. It takes a long time to really face yourself and admit your own tragedy. But I guess we are all wounded through being born in today’s world. I have licked my own wounds and have tried to lick some of yours. Also I dared to search for answers, and I have written about the few I have found here on this site, so I encourage you to dare walking the same path.

In 1972 I experienced – after a long search – a breakthrough to a new dimension of experience. It healed me of wounds, transformed who I was, and so of course I wanted to share it with everybody. I have done that without any charge in the online features in Life’s Little Secrets - Opening to Life and Dimensions of Human Experience

It isn’t a new path, for many, many, have worn a clear path through human troubles. Dare to take it. It means going beyond what you already know, so needs some daring, or maybe desperation. It needs your creativity, for creativity tears the old to pieces and builds a new form. Or it leaps beyond what you know and with brilliance finds the new.

Sometimes it works simply by sitting quietly and imagine walking a path through a forest. The path is not known to you but unfolds spontaneously as you continue walking. You may meet beautiful experiences and scary ones, but they are all you meeting yourself. You will get help on this path, for you are never alone here. But Life itself is full of wonders, and so your experience of taking the path may take many forms – be open to IT. But you need to let go of your control and Surrender to the Life in you.

I demonstrated how to open to this to a group in 1973. A woman in the group described what she experienced -

Tony explained to us about letting whatever came, come. I did not understand too well, but lay down with the others and he came to each of us briefly and moved our arms, and left us lying (I left their arms in a position when the arms hit a tension). Perhaps two minutes passed when I felt a distinct twitching around my brow, which was repeated, and then it spread down my face, a downward pressing movement. My face was involved then in a big muscular movement, pressing down, seeming to flatten the face, and then spread down the body towards the feet. Gradually my whole body became involved in big waves of pressing movement which flowed down, lifting and tossing my legs, so that my heels were banging on the floor. Wave succeeded wave. I did as he said, and let it happen, using the skills to relax which I had learnt. I wasn’t afraid, although I couldn’t imagine what was happening to me. Instead I felt happy and elated, warmed through. I knew I had found something of great significance, but it was many months before I could put words to it. It remained an intriguing mystery, like a dropping away of chains, or a touching of promise, while I passed through the pain of divorce. I feel that my experience that day released considerable energy. It did not break my marriage – that would have happened anyway. But I received strength which I used for my needs at that time. Months later it came to me with the force of revelation, that I had been born that day.”

Another woman in the group, who also had a big response, suddenly sat up and said, “This is against my religion” and walked out of the room. I took it she was a Christian, and she had rejected her own religion, for the movements were exactly the same as were experienced during Pentecost, the Quakers and the Shakers.

What About You?

Well, I am an example of Life – a life form.

You too are all Life forms, and if you look at what life forms do and accomplish in all the amazing variety in plants and living creatures, it is beyond belief. And if you have any sense of wonder in you then you cannot help but feel a holy awe. For you are all fucking inspiring. (I get carried away by it).

But why aren’t you inspired or inspiring? I sense it is because as a race we keep either looking for a leader, a mother or father figure who tells us what to do; or else struggle to be the leader, who shouts louder, shoots to kill as some leader figures do. Look around at the different so called leaders. For years now I have stood as a figurehead, but the ground is moving beneath our feet, and change is needed. We are slowly moving toward space, also we will soon be using artificial intelligence, then all your dreams will be replied to.

So now I move into the background.

So Here’s The Deal

You are the survivors of countless generations of living creatures, going back to the beginning of life on this earth – or maybe even longer. You are the end product of an immense creative act – the Big Bang.

As such you are wonderful seeds of that creative explosion. You have it in you to stand on your own feet. I say that seeing it from the long overall picture. We are all creative creatures. See 

Women in particular are the living expression of creation. You give birth to the future in the children  you bear and care for – or because you are born as a woman, you have the creative ability to give birth to new ideas, projects. But many women feel they do not have the power, but without you none of us would exist.

We are all creating our future. If you are sitting on your arse waiting for life to drop in you lap – that is the future you are creating. If you look for the answers from someone else, then you are creating a future of dependence. If you live as if sex is the answer, then you are locked into that one level of your multiple possibilities. If you are sure that the rational mind is the way to go, well you can rationalise all you like, but it is just a polarity and you miss wholeness.

But many of you are searching and trying to live a new way of life. If you are caring mothers then you are creating a new future. If you are trying to live your best then you are creating the future. As I understand it, the future is shadows cast forward, and someone taking a new stand changes the shape of those shadows. We are the people standing between huge opposites. On one side everything is there and is possible. On the other side is what we live and create by our lives that becomes real. We are a tremendous force for a caring or careless world.

 Whats On Offer

You CAN gain Insight into you dreams – or you can help others by helping them interpret their dreams. But more than that, you can find a great link with Life itself.

Gaining Insight into Your Dreams

I realised that all the images, people, animals, places we see in our dreams, are simply your own feelings, fears, hopes and wonder projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind. So, it makes sense to take the image of your dream person, thing or animal back into you and own it. In that way, you are actually meeting and dealing with the things about yourself you are not owning or conscious of. That is why dreams are often difficult to understand, because we are hiding things from ourselves.

A recent communication says what is possible for everyone if they give a little effort.

“I tried one of your Intuition technique yesterday when I was feeling particularly stressed and confused about my path and my next steps.  I relaxed myself into a sort of meditation and observed whatever images came up.  This first and very clear image was of a photo that I took a few summers ago.  It was of my feet propped up on a railing of a boat that was on a huge lake. I took it after working non-stop for 2 months at an arts program in Vermont.  In my meditative recollection, however, I could see clearly to the other side of the lake and noticed how clear and vibrant the trees looked.  My association with this image both when I took it and what I interpreted was to relax –  that everything is alright.  It might also suggest some kind of transition as if I am on my way to the other side.  I guess time will tell.” See Using Your Intuition

And here is another one.

“I was in a room with lots of animals, suddenly a wild thing burst through the wall to the left. It was like a nightmare, because the creature rushed at me and it scared me and I woke up. I used the technique Tony teaches and I became the wild thing and allowed it to come to me so I became it. Suddenly all fear disappeared and I was full of energy the sort of energy that could do anything and I felt powerful. The image of a fox in the hen house came to mind, but it did not feel harmful just full of life’s energy empowering me.”

There are many more examples, and they all show that the best insights come to the dreamer themselves, and so are very convincing. A simple way to start with is in by using the method Dream Understanding But there are many others ways in – below is a quote from Tiziana Stupia’s book Meeting Shiva,  Tiziana, after her disappointment with Rudra, a lover she has been waiting for all her life, who was a sannyasi, a celibate Hindu monk who lives in an austere ashram in the remote Himalayas, she decided to spend three months with me


Tony taught me a process in which a dream could be interpreted and understood by assuming that everything, people and objects alike, in a dream represented aspects of the Self. Sitting cross-legged on the squishy, old-fashioned sofa in the living room of my sadhu’s cave opposite Tony, I’d close my eyes and mentally return to a dream I had the previous night. He would ask me questions about the dream, which I’d answer in the first person. So if I dreamt about a tree, I would ‘become’ the tree, assume its personality and respond from its viewpoint. He’d ask ‘So what kind of tree are you? Are you big or small, old or young? What do you look like? Where are you growing? Why are you in Tiziana’s dream?’  This sounded like a silly exercise at first, but I was soon enough convinced of its validity. It was fascinating to discover a wealth of insight and emotion emerging from my responses, and understand how they related to my current situation. They also pinpointed exactly where I was in my growth process. Sometimes, the dreams would uncover unconscious fears and intuitions. Often, they also held important clues and offered solutions to my problems. It was like doing detective’s work – arduous at times, but rewarding beyond belief.

The technique is simple enough and is described fully in - Being the Person or Thing

Another amazing approach is to form a small dream group. You do not need any training in psychology or therapy, for we are all experts on ourselves, and the technique brings this to your awareness. It is described in Peer Dream Work

But for a link with Life flowing through you use - Opening to Life and Water Wonderland or read Life’s Little Secrets

Basically, I want others to share the wonder.

Helping Other People Understanding Their Dreams

I have visited other sites where people who know nothing about dreams, have never kept a dream journal, say the most awful things in an attempt to tell others what their dream means, showing they have no  understanding of dreams.

Also I have met and dealt with people who have read a book about dreams, and are sure they know what another persons dream means. I never for many years interpreted any dreams, but helped people explore their dreams, as described in Peer Dream Work – but I explored my own dreams for years. Years of seeing other people open to their own dreams helped me begin to understand the process of dreaming. I still feel we are only on the threshold of understanding. So if you want to start commenting on peoples dreams it would help if  you first read Summing Up which is a summary of my findings. It is also important to read What We Need to Remember About Us In fact explore the website.




-miriam 2016-11-17 6:54:06

sorry to hear about no longer interpreting dreams. I love your site. It had helped me to unrattled my dreams


-Maria 2016-11-18 20:14:34

Hi Tony, I know your not interpreting dreams anymore, but I don’t know if this was just a nightmare I experienced. I was asleep and I was aware I was sleeping, however I felt something scrambling into my bed and only managed to wake myself up by trying to shout help ( nothing came out of course) but when I wakened I was really cold and had no bed covers. It’s just kinda freaked me out a bit. What do you think?


-Brenda Blake 2016-11-21 12:10:16

AS someone who has been fortunate to have met and been willing to work on myself using the skills you have offered over the years,I can say to others who read your website take the wonderful tools that Tony offers and love the changes it brings to your life . The understanding ,the growth in many areas it affects in your life , the beehive of knowledge that Tonys work freely given to the world. lucky you to be reading this lucky you to be reading Tonys website now just do it xxxx


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