The aisle as a part of a building or plane, represents the way between opposites; a way through. If you are in the aisle it suggests possibilities of being in public view if there are people about; moving between opposites; the experience of connection with other people, or being connected by a common purpose or link. Sitting near an aisle suggests you can get out of the connection with other people more easily, or are more open to whoever or whatever is in the aisle or what it is leading to or connected with.

The aisle often appears in dreams about marriage, and in such dreams probably depicts the powerful social and personal feelings and expectations connected with an approach to the decision making and commitment of marriage. It therefore might indicate the pressures holding you in that place. See: corridor.

Useful questions:

Where is this aisle leading, or what does it connect with?

What do my actions or feelings here suggest?

What is my relationship with the aisle?

Am I connecting with someone, and if so what does this suggest about my waking relationship with that person?


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