The magical and transformative aspect of mental and emotional action within you. The alchemist depicts the ability you have to transform your feelings, and in fact your nature, by changing your own experience and body. Mostly we do this unconsciously by changing our surroundings when we feel down, or perhaps reading a book or going to the movies. But the alchemist is about taking over the process consciously.

The symbol particularly points to the ability to change what you consider useless, painful or worthless, into something of great value. This links with the process in you that can present childhood trauma or negative family attitudes, and in doing so transform them into insight and useful energy.

Useful questions:

Am I aware of how I allow or work with this influence in my life?

What can I do to increase the power of this transforming influence?

Why am I dreaming of this at the moment?

What is it in myself or life that needs transforming?

Is somebody I know a transforming influence in my life?

See: alchemist archetype.

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