Being alone in a dream expresses one’s sense of isolation, feelings of loneliness or independence, depending on dream feelings. Feeling alone can be a sign of dependence, you need someone else to feel complete – though this seldom works out. See Beware of Love.

In many dreams being alone expresses a fear of attack or being overwhelmed. If you feel happily independent then you have achieved a great deal. See Individuation.

Idioms: Go it alone; alone together; alone = all-one.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Do I feel okay about being alone in the dream or in waking life?

Are any feelings or fears about independence indicated or relevant?

What is the theme and drama of the dream adding to the aloneness?

See The Trackless Way; Identity And Dreams.


-Victoria 2013-07-22 9:12:03

This night I saw a dream, where I lost my group (we were on a town tour) in some kind of a canteen. I just saw that everyone got angry (i don’t know why) and they didn’t wait for me to get my meal and finish it. They left. Only some people staid. And still some quietest and some stupidest with whom I never speak. Ok, so by accident I got a free meal, but It didn’t make me happy. I felt really alone, I even had to push in my tears to not to get myself embarrassed in front of the few people who were there. What does this dream mean?

-David 2013-06-21 15:40:42

I had a dream about me just being alone, looking around, all confused. But people just vanished, before I started looking around, in auh.

-Garza 2013-05-20 13:37:13

Had a dream of everyone I knew from my graduation being married and having familys, except for myself, and they all kept asking who I would be with and when it would happen. I had no answer.

-kk 2013-04-01 5:45:47

I had the same, being alone, maybe its because you feel depressed.

-raaj 2012-10-18 7:50:46

Yesterday I dreamt that i am the only person surviving in the world. what does that mean?? Can you help??/

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