This may indicate pent up feelings that if expressed could be harmful to yourself or someone else. Or it could suggest information or feelings of being ‘armed’ against someone else’s attack or as protection against the world. As such it points to attitudes or strong feelings that you use to protect your own feeling or vulnerability.

If it is something someone else has: Things that you feel others can use against you, such as lies, criticism, anger, etc.

If it is something you have: Attitudes or thoughts you use to bolster your confidence; things you feel or think that could be used to wound other people or even yourself; ways you defend against other peoples attack.

Lacking ammunition: Feeling without hope regarding a difficulty you are involved in, perhaps an emerging conflict with a partner or at work.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part does the ammunition play in my dream, and can I identify what that reflects of my daily life?

What do I feel about the ammunition or bullets, and where does that feeling arise in my life?

What might this do to me, or how am I reacting to it?

What am I using or planning to use the ammunition for or against?

Am I using the ammunition in the dream – if so what against, and how does that relate to my waking life?

What do I feel about the ammunition in the dream, and when do I experience those feelings in waking.

Use Talking As to help define the dream meaning.

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