Amusement Park Carnival or Arcade

The playful or childlike exploration of experience. But it also has elements of the unknown or dangerous hidden behind a colourful exterior. In some dreams it might suggests the escapism we enter into sometimes in a relationship or in general, immersing ourselves in the noise and colour of life. The fairground can also be a testing oneself to define self image. This because some rides need a certain amount of courage or ability to face new experiences. There is also great variety here, and so might point to the varied experiences we are meeting and trying to find our way through or understand. See: fairground.

Particular rides:

Things like the merry go round might suggest a whirl of events, or even things spinning out of control. The dodgems or bumper cars involve the way we interact with others and avoid or bump into them. The rollercoaster might depict thrilling or dangerous risks you take or are exposed to, or point to sexual excitement. The ghost ride is to test your courage and to seek a partner.

Fear arising: You have a sense of the pervading dangers underlying the surface impression of events. Perhaps there is a fear of the unknown emerging even in what appears to be pleasurable.

If enjoying yourself: Enjoyment of the varied experiences being met at the moment.

Example: For the past year I have had recurring dreams about fairground rides. Occasionally members of my family, including my father have died on the rides. When I’m on the ride I’ve survived, but I can sense danger all around me. This dream is beginning to bother me. I am 15 years old. Laura

In the dream Laura is most likely trying to develop her own independent stance in life. About the age of seven through our teens we confront the realities of the external world. We realise family will die at some uncertain time as we age. The stance needed is one that enables us to live life fully, without being crippled by fears and insecurities. The fairground represents the ups and downs of life, its variety and uncertainties. There IS danger in almost everything we do in life. But there is also opportunity and the possibility of deep satisfaction. The challenge is what YOU will make of it? How will you play your part? Will you forever feel surrounded by danger, and thereby not fully express yourself? Or can you laugh and love while the ride goes on?

Useful Questions and Hints:

Are there situations in my life that I take seriously, but may only be superficial?

Is there a menacing aspect in my life that appears harmless on the surface?

What am I doing or looking for in this place?

Do I have a satisfying relationship with what I experience, or can I improve it?

What is happening in my life that connects with its up and downs and variety?

Use to Acting on your dream explore the many possible meanings.


-Koste 2012-08-02 11:34:11

I have dreamt that I went to rollecoaster (it was only one and black, and it was in my childhood yard and it was new year and nobody invited me nowhere so I decided to spent the time alone in rollercoaster), and it was fun in the begining, but then it went to much up and down on and on, and stopped and stayed still for long time, then I got pissed off it, I tried to get out of there and I could not…I waited until the end, which was not that fun as in the beggining…

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