This suggests an attitude or experience that is making you unconscious of what is going on. Something is deadening your feelings and sensitiveness.

This might indicate an experience of what it is like to die, or show an avoidance of painful emotions. Or it may depict you are deadening pain, or that there is great pain to deaden.

Being anesthetised can also be a way a dream illustrates the shifting from waking awareness to meeting the very different world of your unconscious inner world.

The reason anaesthesia may be linked with death is that the ego feels itself overwhelmed and thrust into the unknown or unconsciousness by the action of the drug. This may be felt as pleasant or unpleasant depending upon how well you relate to the loss of your waking power or will. See the two powers.

Films often use chloroform or an injection of an anaesthetic in a scene where the person is overpowered, and it can have the same meaning in your dream.

Useful questions are:

Am I ignoring feelings and emotions, or feeling emotionally numb?

Is something leading me to feel overpowered?

Does my dream give me an experience of what it is like to die?

Did this lead me into a shifted awareness – an entrance into my unconscious?

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