If someone who is helping you analyse your dreams appears in a dream, they usually represent the wisdom of your unconscious, or the difficulties you face in yourself.

An analyst, psychologist, psychiatrist in our dream depicts our self assessment. Depending on the dream, the self assessment may be supportive or self destructive. Our mind can transform itself in a number of ways. Sometimes one new piece of information, or a new mental discipline, can change the quality of all mental life. The analyst represents such power to transform, as well as the often avoided self awareness. Can also suggest fear about ones own mental strength and health; a source of wisdom; insight.

But it depends on what you feel about an analyst. Do you feel your relationship with the analyst it good; or is it a lot of money for a lot of talk; or is it paying through the nose for having someone listen to you? See: Psychoanalyst

Useful Questions and Hints:

Am I getting real insight from my inner analyst?

Could I use him/her to give me more information by having a dialogue with my dream analyst. See Dream Dialogue.

Can I use any information to my advantage?

What is the subject of the dream – i.e. what aspect of life or behaviour?

Am I in conflict with the analyst – if so what is it I am fighting against?

Use Processing Dreams for more information.

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