The end of the world, and the fears that go with it, depict the powerful and threatening inner and outer changes that accompany major transitions. The transition from childhood to adolescence for instance is the end of the world that existed for the whole lifetime of the individual up until that point. Such points of transition occur several times in the life of anyone who dares to grow and adapt. Menopause for women, the leaving home of children, the loss of a job, retirement, can all be represented by the end of the world – or a world.

Social changes also bring enormous stress and the ending of a way of life to many individuals. Some changes, such as the end of social welfare would be the end of the world for that individual.

Useful questions:

What is it that is radically changing in myself or my environment?

How am I meeting the changes going on in my life and circumstances?

What is the dream showing me about these changes?

See: end of world.


-Tony Crisp 2016-10-13 12:53:09

Sally – Well, you’re a heroine – not being scared of such a dream – most people are. Although there is nothing to be frightened of.

The Bible, as I have learned from dreams, is all about people’s inner world and does not apply to their outer life. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/#MakesInner

You felt glee probably because the end of one world is the start of another world of experience. Also because you have lived through the end of your world several times. As a baby you lived in completely different world which ended when you learnt to speak, and the child world ended definitely when you became a teenager, and again as a young adult – in fact it is always ending.


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