Remember that apologising is different to saying sorry.

Nearly always when people dream about someone they know they automatically believe the dream is about that person. But when we think of our friend or partner our thoughts are not them – just our thoughts and feelings about them.

Your dreams are not a good indication about what other people think and are usually a reflection of your own feelings and desires. We desire to have our difficult feelings justified or acknowledged, so maybe that is what your dream depicted.

Dreaming of apologising: This suggests a feeling of inadequacy in some department of life; feelings of having acted against, or thinking of acting against your own strongest drives; a sense of not having lived your best; a sense that you are not living up to other people’s expectations, or that you are not liked by, or not as good as, other people; realisation of a mistake or lack.

Being apologised to: A recognition that some aspect of a relationship or experience has been, or is, unjust or unwarranted according to yourself. Your dreams are not a good indications about what other people think and are usually a reflection of your own feelings and desires.

Useful questions are:

What am I apologising for and does this apply in any way to waking events?

Is this an apology I am giving or receiving, or is it an expression of guilt?

If being apologised to are you accepting or rejecting the apology?


-Mik 2018-01-11 19:29:41

What if the dream is of your boyfriend’s ex apologizing to you? In real like I caught messages of them talking while we were dating

-Robert 2015-05-27 14:04:33

So I had a dream that my ex best friend apologized to me about what we went through. But I rejected it and told him I couldn’t accept it and started crying and he tried to hug me but I kept telling him I can’t accept it. We had gone through a lot and I didn’t want to end up going through it all over again

    -Anna - Tony's Assistant 2015-05-29 5:50:17

    Dear Robert – The way I see your dream is that you are still digesting the experiences you went through.
    See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/digest/
    Each person we spend time with, fall in love with, make love to or grow up with, or even with animals, we develop an incredible and often invisible bond. For instance many women and men write and ask why they dream of partners, parents of even old friends they have moved on from. We dream about our ex from years ago or old friends or ex best friends because while we lived with them or spent time with them we experienced millions of memories, situations, conflict and learning experiences. So we carry them with us as memories, lessons learnt, love or anger or pain still trying to find a way of being absorbed.
    Life is, in a very real way, a learning experience, and every new experience has to be fitted into what we are learning.
    See also http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/integration-meeting-oneself/
    Anna 🙂

-Giulia 2015-01-24 14:37:56

Hey, so recently my (now ex) best friend got into a huge fight about her boyfriend. She thinks im out to steal him. So i had 2 dreams where she apologized. One was her apologizing and the other she was crying saying how she was wrong and that she never meant for this to happen she was jealous. But we still arent talking, Im just wondering what this means

-Gee Ha 2013-04-26 8:03:41

I had a dream that my exbf that recently broke my heart and has libeled me, played the victim, and has been completely remorseless apologized to me. It was a different face, but I felt his presence without a doubt, and J was sure we had both aged a bit. We were riding in the backseat of someone’s car, I was hurt but I forgave him after he poured out all of his wrongs & asked for forgiveness. What do you think?

-kayla 2010-09-06 21:55:37

hey .. what if someone does appologises to you/me?

    -Tony Crisp 2010-09-14 14:08:09

    Kayla – This suggests that you have recognised that some aspect of a relationship or experience has been, or is, unjust or unwarranted. But without more information it is difficult to know. So it is useful to give a fairly full description of the dream. So it would be good to know who apologised, why, and what it mean to you.


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