Because of the way Genesis was presented it often represents temptation and the Garden of Eden. It can also link with the fruits of ones action, or the consequences of action, the fruit of ones labour; also pleasure, food or sustenance. See: food.

Here is a re-translation of the piece about the apple and the Garden of Eden.

It entered their consciousness asking, “Did Elohim really mean that I should not totally experience material existence? Surely, if I entered the sphere of opposites I would gain knowledge and experience from it?

And the divine wisdom in men warned them of the consequence of this, saying, you must not centre your consciousness in matter, for by that you will die to your cosmic awareness and have only consciousness through physical senses.

But the forces of individuation, flowing into matter, seemed to say that if they allowed their being to enter into and experience physical life, how could they lose their eternal consciousness? Instead they would gain knowledge of the opposites, of the paradox that Elohim knows.

Then the desires for this fired their will, for many spirits wished to know life in physical realms; to experience fully the knowledge of time and space, of the incompleteness of being just male or female, of looking out through the senses of a physical body, and knowing the feel of winds and water, separation and aloneness. Thus came about the fall of the angels, and many spirits fell into life within a physical body.

Here are two example showing how apples can be used in dreams:

Example: I was on a plane or a journey. On my right sat an American, very flabby, with a paunch. I was eating an Apple, (I had been on a fruit fast during the day), and my elbow sometimes touched his paunch, it felt lifeless, lacking vitality. I told him he ought to eat only apples for a while, and all the dead flesh would fall off him.

Then a young Chinese man came to me and pointed out a line marked on my apple, on the green, less developed side. He said every apple had it if one looked, and under the line was a hair, “hair of discontent.” He said this was poisonous, and best not eaten. I slid my fingernail under the line, and pulled out a long hair. I thought this was wonderful, and that I had been given real wisdom of the East.

Example: The words then came, “Eat not.” I have a strong feeling this was the forbidden apple, and in some old way, this was why I had not been able to eat apples lightly, because for the past few months, if I ate apples I suffered strong acid indigestion. Something seems wrong with my digestive system anyway, as I have had acid indigestion, pains, and now piles. I felt, though, that the apples could now beaten, and have in fact being able to eat them without ill effects since this session.

Idioms: American as apple pie; an apple a day keeps the doctor away; apple of his eye; bad apple; Big Apple; the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; upset the apple cart.

Useful Questions and Hints:

In the dream was it a fruit you enjoyed, a temptation or something else?

What were you doing with the apple, or how did you use it?

What did you feel in the dream about the apple?

Try using Talking As, as a way of understanding the apple in your dream.

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