Reminder of something we unconsciously feel we are about to meet, or something we need to meet. This can be about the importance of a relationship, or of taking care of a person or situation. An appointment can suggest the need to ‘get together’ with someone or that aspect of yourself, or that there are important things to deal with. See: romantic date for romantic appointment.

Broken missed or cancelled appointment

It depends upon what led to cancelling or missing the appointment, ask yourself was it something that you really wanted or was it something that you wanted to avoid.

Appointment book

Probably an agreement or agreements that you yourself wanted.

Doctors or healers appointment

This is usually about something that is important and so take notice of it.

Appointment with death

Usually it refers to you meeting the feeling you have about death. If you continually avoid the appointment it points to you fear of death – best to meet it. See near death experiences.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this dream about trying to live up to the imperatives of work, other people’s needs or deadlines I have set myself?

Is this about remembering something such as the importance of something in my life?

Have you agreed to do something and forgotten?

Try Talking As or Processing Dreams to see if you can get a clearer idea of the message of the dream.

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