Your inner world of feelings, thoughts and intuitions. It probably represents the ability to see or understand some of the usually unconscious processes in your body and yourself. It can also relate to the unconscious processes going on under the surface. Being empty or full suggests whether you are allowing your inner feelings to become know or remain empty. See: fish and sea creatures.

Example: During the weekend I had two dreams, although I was lucid at the time. I was in a huge indoor aquarium. The water was very clear, but had a slight yellowish or straw colour tinge to it. I was swimming under the water looking at the many creatures. I had a sense of being within a very ancient environment. The creatures were all primordial, each functioning in its own distinct way, some of which would be dangerous to me if I related to them wrongly – i.e. if I let them contact my skin, or get into my cavities. But I was fascinated and felt a sense of wonder and privilege. As I swam I began to feel that I was actually looking within myself to the ancient processes of the blood and cells. I had a sense that we are all the time immersed in this ancient aquarium, relating to its creatures one way or another.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I becoming aware of within myself?

What does the theme of this dream suggest about my inner feelings?

What creatures are in the aquarium, and are there poisonous or dangerous things in me or is it beauty?

Use Processing Dreams to explore your dream.

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