It is all about the person who has the bow and what it is used for. It could be used for competition archery; it could be for hunting; it could be for killing someone; it could be for warfare; it could be for fun.

It helps to see what the role is and to see what that suggests – so what are you in competition with; what are you hunting; who are you wishing to kill; what is the conflict you are engaged in; what is the fun? You could use Stand in role to find out more.

Many boys who live in the country make bows and arrows as they go through a phase of being hunters and attaining manhood. Many youngster go through similar phases as they become independent – so scooter, bicycle and skate board.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is the archer you or a dream figure?

If you what are your motives – or if not you use Stand in role.

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