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If you are from a western society, dreaming of India or meeting a person who is Indian can mean contact with the mysterious meaning of Life – the great mother from which wisdom springs. It can also mean a meeting in your dreams with the great guru – your own primal self.

India in dreams can mean initiation into the many states of being and the many lessons of life to learn.

But of course your own associations with India and Indians may be very different. See Associations Working With; yoga and dreams.

 Example: The memorandum also contained this grim warning: “It is probably no accident that the society which most consistently encouraged the use of these substances, India, produced one of the sickest social orders ever created by mankind, in which thinking men spent their time lost in the Buddha position under the influence of drugs exploring consciousness, while poverty, disease, social discrimination, and superstition reached their highest and most organized form in all history.”’  Quoted from David McClelland, Chairman of the Harvard Center for Research in Personality response to the use of psychedelics.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What was my experience of the dream India or Indian like?

What was the theme of the dream?

Was there mention of a loving relatoinship?

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