Argue Argued Arguing

This could refer to something you are feeling conflict about and have different but conflicting feelings about. Or it might show you releasing feelings about someone that you do not tell them to their face. It might refer to feelings about parents arguing, so depict the anxiety or anger you felt at the time.

Conflicts can occur between the many facets of oneself such as your body needs and your intellectual ideas about life; your sexual or instinctive nature and your sense of what is right from your upbringing; between your fears, and your appetites and desires emerging from vulnerabilities and neurotic behaviour, and your deep core of life. See The Life Will and aggression.

Arguing with opposite sex: This might refer to a tension existing between you and your partner, about memories of difficulties with an ex partner, or about a conflict existing between your rational outgoing self and your feeling intuitive self. See Dealing with an Ex.

Arguing with authority or police: Might show a struggle you are experiencing between the pressure you feel from society or expectations of others and what you want or feel. See police.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What or who am I arguing with in my dream, and what connections can I make with that?

Do I resolve the argument, and if so what are the key factors of the resolution?

If I do not resolve the argument, how can I resolve it in my mind and feelings now I am awake?

It may  be useful to use Carry the Dream Forward and use Processing Dreams.

It can help to deal with anger and aggression by using The Cushion Technique.

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