This difficult to answer as it could be about something new arising in your life, the pain arising from abandonment, the habits arising from ones cultural heritage, the needs arising from your own childhood emotional dependence or your need for warmth and love as a baby, or even impressions arising from this mental realm, or it could be a building arising, or any of a thousand other things. So first see if you can find an entry about what is arising, such as abandonment, dependence, or sexual feelings.

See flying if you  are literally arising, or if you are arising from a chair it is about a change, an active phase following being inactive. See: postures and body movements.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Ask yourself what the arising is about, and use Processing Dreams to see if you can define it.

Does it link with any feeling you have experienced lately?

If you imagine yourself in the dream, and visualise the action it might bring insights. See Carry the Dream Forward.

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