Art Artist

The exteriorisation of some inner idea, feeling or direction. The expression of inner content, and thus a source of self realisation. The artist may represent the urge toward fruition, toward self-realisation. The art object however, can depict some meaningful realisation within yourself, that is as yet not clear enough to put into words. This may be because it is pre-verbal experience, or is still barely conscious.

The aspect of oneself that is in contact with the irrational, creative side of the unconscious. The desire or ability to be creative; the drive to express something of oneself, that may be repressed. Maybe the desire for public recognition – or a chance to demonstrate your skill or quality; the impractical aspect of self. For some the artist represents somebody who is impractical and out of touch with real work or life

Meeting an artist: Becoming aware of a creative idea or an aspect of self that is creative.

Watching an artist at work: Recognising artistic or creative ability, but being passive about it.

If you are an artist: This might well be showing you another facet of your artistry, or be exploring in a creative way, or looking at problems you have, depending on dream theme. See: Painting; art in dreams; archetype of artist.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Is this creative expression of an inner idea?

What is the theme involved?

What feelings do I express in the dream?

Try using Acting on your dream to define dream meaning

What is the artist doing in my dream, and what might that represent in my life?

What is my relationship with the artist and what can I understand from that? See key words for help with this.

If I imagine myself as the artist what do I feel? For help doing this see Stand in Role under peerdream work.

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