The flow of life giving process in you. It could indicate what you are seeing or realising about the process of life and how it upholds your existence without you being aware of it.

An artery also can indicate vulnerability, because if it is injured you may die. So the dream might be pointing to such a vulnerability that could lead to your feeling hopeless and without purpose.

An artery to the head in a dream needs careful consideration. It could if it shows blockage be a warning of stroke.

If the artery is bleeding it suggests a situation that needs urgent attention. This is not usually physical, but about emotional traumas that drain your motivation, joy of life and sense of purpose.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What am I aware of that is life giving and how can I care for it?

If my dream shows injury, what in me depletes my energy to live and thrive?

What in waking life brings these feelings that I meet in the dream?

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